Friday, March 05, 2010


Today's post, 5 of 31 for March, is just smattering of stuff...

I haven't seen the fox since I posted about it the other day. Perhaps Bandit gave scared it off with his bark. Regardless we're still being cautious.

I'm working on a couple of short-stories, editing for publication. I submitted one last week and am going to submit another this weekend. My goal is to have a short-story accepted for publication, in a reputable journal, by the end of the year.

I'm enjoying my new laptop and the experience of blogging everyday. I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with the theme, of strange, but it doesn't matter. I just like the practice of writing everyday, and not just work emails about project updates.

This weekend I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland. It looks really good. We're seeing in in 3D IMAX. It should be fun. I'll let you know. We've got tickets for tomorrow's matinee. We'll also be heading to Fuddruckers for one of their enormous, juicy burgers. It's my free day!

Speaking of free days, I've official lost 10 lbs since starting my diet! Woo hoo! I'm sticking to it for the rest of March, then easing off in April. On vacation I'm not dieting at all. Not than I'm going to pig out - well maybe a little - but I don't want to gain it all back, especially all in one week. That would be devastations.

Devastations. Here's my oddity of the day. Chris, my love, is fond of making up his own words or using a part of speech and changing its intent - verbs into nouns etc. For example he likes the word devastations. Yes as a plural. I call these little quips Chris-isms. In the midst of cleaning and sweeping dirt off the floor, "My God! This floors a mess...devastations among us!" Or walking into a public bathroom and being met my a foul smell, "someone had devastations."

Traipising, is another one of his words. Its a combination of the word trespassing and traipsing. Pronounced "tray-pissing". Yes, believe it or not. For example, "Bandit was moseying about the backyard then came traipising up the stairs to come in."

I could go on and on but let's just leave it at that.

Well off to my Friday!


Michael Rivers said...

I really want to see "Alice in Wonderland" too. It looks very good!

Lemuel said...

One of my college buddies used to have great fun with words. They were not quite Chris-isms but rather words misused similar to the misuse of words by the character Archie Bunker. sometimes he'd have us in full belly laughs at his game.

tornwordo said...

Ten pounds in a month is great. All you did was stop the pees? Pates, pain, patates?