Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fire Hose of Discontinuous Yet Titillating Topics

Let's keep this sweet and short. For a blog writer, I tend to go on and on endlessly like a fire hose of discontinuous topics. I hope that your finding this month's, supposedly strange, topics to titillate your senses.

We've talked about spotting fox, earthquakes, planting shade gardens, dogs twitching in their sleep, the genetics (or not) of being gay, my vacation destinations and much more. Ain't it just thrilling?

(insert sound of crickets here)

Alright so this isn't one of those blogs that flashes the male anatomy in your face or sports bursting appendages at every page. It's just plain and simple banter.

Speaking of which, onto to today's banality...

The rain is just endless. It's been coming down for two straight days and not supposed to end till late tonight. My sump pump is going non-stop. The ground is saturated. Bandit practically sinks into it when he goes outside to pee.

Because it's difficult for me to get home during lunch, if I get a lunch, I have a dog walker that comes to see him now. He had had a couple of accidents because of my inability to get back here. Now I have this lady who has a professional dog walking company, and just so happens to live up the street from me come by a few times a week. It's not cheap but it's worth it. She'll be here today. I've left her an umbrella, in case she doesn't have one, Bandit's rain coat and a towel to dry him off.

My internal alarm clock is running opposite daylight savings. Today instead of oversleeping, like yesterday, I got up an hour earlier. Weird.

The first day of spring is this Saturday and the weather is supposed to be great! Finally. We're having a couple friends over for a game of Left-Right-Center and out to our favorite pub for burgers and beer.

Titillating. Don't you just love that word? I'm not quite sure that's how I'd describe Bandit Talks but nonetheless.


Ur-spo said...

I love posts like this - lots of bits of fun facts and humor.

Lemuel said...

I'm having more trouble this year with the time change. Not sure why.
The endless rain and gray is getting to me more than the snow. I hope we see the sun today.