Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fragmented Thought Thursday

Here's a bunch of fragmented thoughts.

Last night's birthday dinner for Chris was wonderful. Expensive but wonderful. We both had bone-in filet mignon which is much tastier than the traditional filet. I got a side of lobster mac and cheese which was scrumptious. Chris is allergic to shellfish so he couldn't have any (worked for me). I love bread but being on my low-carb diet I've hardly had any. They had a sour dough, fresh out of the oven, that was to die for.

I did sit-ups and crunches on Sunday and my stomach is still sore. It hurts when I sneeze. Ugh! After last night's meal I'm going to have to do about 1,000 more, plus several miles of aerobics.

This week is flying by. I'm looking forward to the weekend which shall see another birthday dinner celebration (I feel my 14 pounds coming back) with friends.

I'm trying a new Volvo place to get my "clunking" sound looked into. I'm bring it by at lunch today to have them hear it and then they'll have it all day next Tuesday. While they're at it I'll get an oil change, have them fix the back passenger side door which no longer locks or unlocks with the key fob and look at the emergency brake for it's acting up.

I had the painter come by this week to give me an estimate on getting the shed, fence and porches touched up. He'll be starting in a couple of weeks. It'll be nice to have them spruced up.

The Olde Salem Jail is having an open house this weekend. We'll probably stop by for a peek. I find it be such an interesting project.

The New Olde Salem Jail (Photo: Salem News)

Okay, that's a wrap.

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Michael Rivers said...

Mac-n-Cheese is one of my most favorite dishes!