Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hodge Podge of Stuff


A couple weeks back I got a new pair of glasses. I like them except for keeping them clean. They smudge so easy and wiping them just doesn't do the trick. Cleaning them with soap and water or a simple glass cleaner does but then drying them without leaving a smudge is difficult. I say this as my eye is drawn to finger print on my right lens.

We had what I'm hoping was the last fire in the fireplace last night - hoping because I'm craving warmer weather. We've gone through a 1.5 cords of wood.

Yesterday was freezing, in the 30s. This week is going to be more seasonable, in the 50s, but very rainy and more flooding - not looking forward to that.

We're having Easter Sunday at our house. My brother-in-law is cooking a lamb and a ham. He'll be cooking it over here though. Even though we're buying them and hosting, we love the way he cooks so much that we asked him to do the honors. I'll have to change my free day from Saturday to Sunday.

We watched the Travel Channel last night as they were highlighting Mexican resorts and beaches. It was getting us all excited for the trip. Mexico is so beautiful. I never realized.

During our weekly excursion to Trader Joe's, I bought tulips. I was going to get daffodils but they didn't look very good. Though I must say the daffodils I got a few weeks back - and watered like I was supposed to - lasted a long time, looked beautiful and had a wonderful fragrance. I still love tulips though. Their flowers are so reasonably priced.

Yesterday we had a nice birthday dinner celebration (the last one...this was with friends) for Chris. We went to Lewis' in Essex. I had scallops and clams, again. They were very good. Chris had prime rib; Bandit just had the rest of it for breakfast.

Today we're going to the Salem Jail open house. Chris' goddaughter wants to see it, as do we, so we figured we'd take her.

I need to put down the grass fertilizer but I think I'll wait till next weekend. It's too cold outside plus it'll probably wash away with all the rain we're expecting.

We're thinking about seeing How to Train a Dragon next weekend. Taking Chris' goddaughter. We saw the previews a few weeks back when we saw Alice in Wonderland. It looks like a lot of fun. We'll do the IMAX at Jordan's again; that theater is awesome.

Alright, onto the second cup of coffee. Till tomorrow...


Lemuel said...

I find that I am always cleaning my glasses. Sometimes they do not look dirty, but after cleaning them I am amazed at how much better I can see/read. Part of the problem is that a certain canine princess likes to climb on my lap and lick them.

Ur-spo said...

I like hodgepodge postings like this.
I wish I was going to your Easter dinner - I won't be having one, boohoo.