Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Like Long as It's a Good One

I've got Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright running through my head which I suppose is better than having the Mama and Papa's Monday, Monday seeing that I had a disturbing early morning dream on both of these song's topics.

In my dream, it was Monday and I had decided to call in sick, even though I wasn't really all that ill. Yet I had never gotten around to actually calling my boss. I knew I needed to; I just couldn't get around to a phone or my laptop to at least email the team. It was already noon yet I was pretending it was Saturday. Eventually I convinced myself it really was Saturday, at which time I stopped proofing insurance applications, which I happened to be doing whilst home sick go figure, and woke up.

I hate those stressful dreams. It's one of my many recurring ones. Well thankfully it really is Saturday and I don't have to feign illness in order to have the day off.

Another recurring dream I have, which apparently a lot of us have, is needing to go back to college or high school or grammar school because you've haven't quite completed something. "But I have my bachelor's," I keep saying. "Why do I have to now repeat Miss Cultrella's numbering schematics with all these kindergartners?" Ugh, another stressful dream.

I haven't had this one in awhile. Thank God! But every year or so I have a dream that Anthony Hopkins' character in Silence of the Lambs is living in the basement of my house and trying to kill me. (Hopefully I won't now have it since I brought it up.)

My favorite type of dreams are lucid and usually involve flying or sex, sometimes both. Do you have lucid dreams? It's like your awake in your dream. You know you're dreaming but it feels so real. And usually you can control what is happening. The first time I had one I thought I was dying or having a seizure. My head gets all tingly followed by fast movement, like flying through space. It's bizarre.


Lemuel said...

You need to forgo those pastrami and pickle sandwiches before bed! :-D
For whatever reasons I do have vivid dreams, but most are not stressful or frightening, they are just bizarre. Frequently they are visiting places or reliving events from my past, but they are strange and obscure places and events which make me wonder why I was dreaming about them when I wake up.

Anonymous said...

I do dream, more often when I have a snack before bed. I love lucid sex dreams. They usually involve some forbidden guy, like a co-worker.

wcs said...

I have a recurring dream about not having finished some calculus course and having to go back to validate my degrees. Ugh! The dream is so real that when I wake up, I have to convince myself it was actually a dream.