Monday, March 29, 2010

Is It Raining With You


Falling on my house like a tragedy. Flooding up my basement with a cruel emotion.

Okay, hopefully not the case but the rain is falling, once again. This has to be one of the wettest seasons I can recall. Where's the ark?

It's not clearing till Thursday. Then, hopefully, we'll be in full onslaught of spring-like weather. I've heard prediction of temperatures broaching 80 for Sunday.

I could use the sun to rid the moss from behind my ears.


gbinwpb said...

It is pouring rain in South Florida today as well....this is paybacks for such a nice weekend!

Michael Rivers said...

We've had a very dry March here in Minneapolis. Last night on the news, they said it's the first March in 130 years that Minneapolis didn't have any snow on the ground.

Ur-spo said...

nothing but sun here - too much - wish I could send you some.