Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Over and Out for Now

So today's the last day of posting for the month of March. I kept true to my promise and blogged every day. While this was prompted by a web site I joined awhile ago, called NaBoPoMo, they were of little to no support. Pathetic little site really. If I decide to do this again I will do without them.

So what have you learned during Rick's daily posts?

You've learned a lot about the weather; for New England has suffered one it's wettest months on record. As I sit here typing my sump pump is chugging away for the last two days of downpours. It kept the basement relatively dry though there were new found cracks in the walls and floors that I didn't know I had where water started seeping through last night. Now it's abated. Normally the water just comes through the hole where the sump pump is.

You learned about my upcoming trip to Mexico and my little crush on Vote for the Worst's Tim Urban on American Idol. I only caught the recap last night. Even the five second clip looked horrid.

You also got lots of tidbits from my hodgepodge of updates, fragmented thoughts and many other trivial rants.

So that was then; this is now.

Just a quick update before I leave you for the month, I think (I say positively) that I finally got the "clunking" noise fixed on the Volvo. You recall my complaining about this I'm sure. It's been my primary issue with the car, the dealer I bought it from unable to figure it out. Well, yesterday I had an appointment with this tiny shop in Rowley that specializes in Volvos. They had my car for the day and found the front-end springs to be f'd up and the strut caps to be broken. They also fixed a couple of other irritants that the Volvo dealer wanted to charge a fortune for. For instance, the passenger-side back door wouldn't lock or unlock anymore with the key fob. The dealership wanted $300 to fix it. This place charged me $60! They had a used door latch from a wrecked Volvo they had on-site and installed that instead of a brand new one.  Works beautifully.  While driving home I heard no clunking noises but sometimes the rain dissipates noises.  We'll see today.

What's next?

While I've enjoyed my daily posting, I can't say how regular, or irregular for that matter, I am going to post going forward. I've got a couple key projects I'm working on but promise to post updates now and again.  Perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder.  Over and out...for now.


Michael Rivers said...

Congrats on making the 31 days!! It's very hard to do that!

Sean said...

I have to say that I think your blogging improved this month. Your posts were got more personal, interesting and never seemed to be faking it. I'd like to see you continue to try and post daily. Have a great trip!

Charles said...

Rick, Stay dry buddy!

Anonymous said...

Halllaaaluuuyyyyaaah....the car's fixed...One more noise and we want to hear about it. Deal? I agree with Sean, your posts were very good this month.

Ur-spo said...

I very much enjoyed your daily posts.
I hope you will keep up somewhat regular, for I do like to hear from you.

Lemuel said...

I will echo Charles: stay dry! I hear that up your way you bore the brunt of this last storm.

Tom said...

Rick: I enjoyed all, and agree with Sean, you let us see a little more about you personally... I liked that... hence my post today, delving into my rememberances of my, oh so far away, past... wish I were young like you two