Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vacation Destinations 2010

This year we've planned two trips: back to Maine for a week at the cottage and an all inclusive in Mexico.

We just sent in the down payment for Maine. Just like last year, we'll be at the same cottage during the same time. We loved it so much last year that we re-booked. Upon leaving we asked that she pencil us in. She sent us the lease agreement a couple weeks ago. Last night I got an email that she received my check. We like that we can bring Bandit. He loves hanging out on the back porch watching the boats go by and the deer trek along the back yard. It's so close to Acadia. We can hike, go to great restaurants in downtown area, read and I can spend time writing.

Bandit at the Maine cottage

Also next month it's off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I really need to brush up on my Spanish. As Phyllis used to say, "Rick's Spanish is pretty bad." I've never been to Mexico, a week of rest and relaxation on the beach. The room has it's own private jacuzzi on the balcony overlooking the pacific. We got a good deal on I've never done the resort thing, especially an all inclusive. We'll spend most of the time at the hotel with just a couple of day trips to do some excursions.

View from balcony, notice Jacuzzi in lower right corner

Have you been to Mexico? I'm concerned about the water. I've been told not to drink it which I'm fine with. I'm assuming they'll be bottled water which probably won't be included in the the "all you can drink" category. But what about the ice? If we have a ice with a cocktail is that bad?

That's pretty much it for vacations this year. Before meeting Chris my idea of a vacation was once every 5 years. He laughs. "At least two a year! And at least one of them on a plane." We might also do a VW camping expedition, again like last year, not sure. Then there's Florida to visit Mom, not sure. This year I'm trying to get her to come up here.

So as I ready myself for the work day thoughts of vacation time will comfort me.


Anonymous said...

I’ve been to Mexico many times. You can drink the water at the resorts and big hotels. You really don’t need to use Spanish unless you travel to the more remote areas. Almost all of the resort workers speak English.

Michael Rivers said...

I was in Puerto Vallarta last April as one of the stops for my cruise. Great place.

I don't have any vacation plans for 2010 yet. I should start thinking.

Greg said...

Those sound like wonderful vacations! We're thinking of Pennsylvania in October. Hershey's chocolate keeps calling to us....

Ur-spo said...

I have never been to Mexico; but I hear the water is OK where you are going - as a tourist spot they don't want any bad reputations especially with the aqua.

Lemuel said...

Maine. *sigh*
Acadia. *sigh!*

tornwordo said...

No worries in Puerto Vallarta. Bring some Immodium, that'll take care of any troubles. It's hard to tell from the picture if you're on the beach or on the hill. Either way, a jacuzzi on the balcony is bitchin!