Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New England Washout

What a washout yesterday was. There are a ton of floods in the area. My sump pump, so far, has kept up. Even though the rains have stopped, the pump is still running off and on every minute or two. The ground is saturated. But the basement is dry as a bone, not so for my neighbors.

When I came home from work the backyard was flooded. I was fearful in crept into the house but thankfully not so.

The sun is expected today and to last throughout the week. Thank God!


Lemuel said...

I've been watching our basement, but so far we are dry. Our land is not as flat as yours, but when the water table rises it can seep in. Your picture reminded me of my parents' home during Hurricane Agnes in 1972. The house was like a island in a sea or swamp.

Michael Rivers said...

Hopefully it doesn't get worse! There are flood concerns for parts of MN too. Hopefully it doesn't happen.

Paul Benjamin said...

Eesh! Sorry to hear about the flooding. I hope that there isn't any lasting damage. Thank goodness for the sun!