Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back from Mexico

We are back from Mexico. The weather was gorgeous, the food fantastic and the drinks non-stop. I had tons of rest and relaxation as well as an exhilarating zip through the mountains.

Day 1
We left Boston in the early morning made it into Logan only to be scared shitless by the agent that my passport while not set to expire till July "may" not be acceptable in certain countries; they like to have a six month clearance. They checked Puerto Vallarta's guidelines and I was fine. After changing my undies, we were off to our gate.

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta to warm 85 degree day. Our hotel was beautiful with views of the 5 pools below the last one an infinity pool out onto the ocean. Mountains surrounded us. Excellent views!

Day 2 - 3
Up early, long walks on the beach, drinks by the pool, eating, swimming and relaxing. We had several of these days. I called them my Hippopotamus days for that is exactly what I felt like lying in the sun and when it got too hot I'd roll myself into the water for awhile and then back into the sun.

Day 4
A touch of either sun poisoning or Montezuma's revenge or both, not good. But still managed to make it, with the aid of Immodium, onto our city bus tour. We saw downtown Puerto Vallarta, lunch at an authentic Mexican village and a tour of tequila distillery. (I think was the couple shots of tequila that cured me.)

Day 5
Probably the best day. We did the mountain canopy zip line. Steel cables attached to trees and seated in a harness with a pulley you flew atop the trees like a bird. Though I screamed like a girl at points. The highest point over 6 stories high. I couldn't look down.

Day 6
Another hippopotamus day.

Day 7
Our last feast at the all you can eat breakfast buffet and off to the airport. Home to a rain, cold and cloudy 39 degrees.

Speaking of being a hippopotamus. I weighed myself when I got home last night, not good! Back on my diet.


A Lewis said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great visit! I've seen that PVR airport one too many times, I'm afraid.

tornwordo said...

Love PV! We did the hotel thing in Hawaii, but I think we're going back this New Year's to PV down in the old downtown. Love it there. Oh and maybe the zip lines too, we've never done that before. Glad you had a good time. And isn't immodium a life-saver?

Ur-spo said...

lovely photos!
You can't be too hippo - the photos prove it !

Lemuel said...

I'm happy to hear that you found "the cure" so that you could enjoy the rest of your trip. I think I will enjoy your zip lining vicariously.

CJ/Rick said...

Awesome pics and that had to be a bit of a shock getting back to 39 degrees.
Why would you say you look like a hippo? You must want to be stroked. Okay I'll bite. No you don't. You look great. How's that?
You gave me the vacation bug.

Greg said...

That sounds like a fun vacation! Especially the zip line.

Rick said...

Thanks CJ -- I guess I meant I felt like a hippo because of lying around doing nothing but wading in the water and lying in the sun.

Will said...

Looks like a lot of fun -- yeah the weather when you got back sucked, but at least you got away for a bit.

Peter said...

Who cares about a few extra pounds. You both had a great time and that's all that counts!

Word verification: phaty that sucks *wink*