Saturday, April 10, 2010

Planting Season

I finally ordered my shade garden from Bluestone Perennials. I mentioned doing so last month. I'm not sure when it will arrive but I placed the order last night. Bluestone has one of the best catalog and web sites, really helpful in pick different varieties by type, soil condition and amount of sun. Not only did I get the pre-planned garden but I got a host of other things too (including the shrub below). I can't wait till it all arrives!


It's funny I was never really that much into gardening till I got this house. There's something about growing stuff I find I enjoy. It's fun to pick out different varieties of plants, foster them, see them coming up year after year and improve the look of my yard with just a little bit of life.

The dwarf lilacs I planted last fall are beginning to sprout. They're only about 8 inches tall, so cute. And the blueberry bush I planted last summer is doing well. However there are 4 azalea shrubs and another climbing vine thing, all of which I bought from Home Depot, that have died. I went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up something else. I asked about their refund policy of plants and they said to just bring in the dead plants and my receipt and they'd refund the money. Luckily I keep all my receipts.

So that's life in gardening.  Today I need to fertilize the grass.


Michael Rivers said...

Isn't it great that spring is here!

Ur-spo said...

gardening makes a house a home, in its way
good for you!

Lemuel said...

The calycanthus is beautiful! I hope it prospers in your yard. That will be a great plant to look forward to.
I need to add more summer and spring bulbs to our yard, and to replace some trees with some nicer ones.

Gay Guy said...

Thanks for the tip on BlueStone. I had never heard of them. I am ready to get to work in my garden, too. I think the winter killed one of my clematis, but I will give it another week to see if any shoots come up.

Greg said...

I miss having a yard. I hope the flowers and plants enjoy their new home!

Mike, Studio city said...

Hola from California. M and G