Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday's Aggressive Agenda

Well I completed the first week back from vacation. It was a tough one. Work demands were high but I managed through them. Yet the biggest challenge has been here at home, especially tending to the yard.

Mid-week the landscaper came and put 8 1/2 yards of mulch along all the perimeter of the property. It looks nice. And I was grateful he was able to squeeze us in so that I could plant the perennials. The shade garden I mentioned arrived on Wednesday.

Before leaving for Mexico we had also scheduled with the painter to have the shed painted. We've done next to nothing to this area of the yard since we've moved in. In fact, it still has had stuff around it and in it from the previous owners. Cleaning it out on my list of things to do but had never been a priority, until yesterday.

Edwin, the painter, called mid-week with a slot open for yesterday which meant for me that all the wood, bricks, bags of sand and other construction debris (the prior owner was a builder and the house foreclosed so he just left everything) needed to be removed from the sides of the shed so Edwin could get around it. This heinous task was started at 7:30 am just as Edwin arrived. "I no start till clean," he said in his broken English. "Do Monday?"

"No! You can at least start on the one side that is clear. It'll only take me a few minutes to clean." An hour later, with Edwin's help, we were clearing the remaining items.

Yesterday was busy. Why does everything always take longer than anticipated? On yesterday's agenda was the aforementioned shed clean up, mowing the lawn (for the first time this season), fertilizing the lawn, planting the perennial garden, grocery shopping, hardware store, Target, dry cleaners and getting rid of the hazardous waste inside the shed. It was an aggressive agenda: Grocery shopping, Target and bringing the chemicals and paint cans to hazard day clean up never got done. (I actually went to the hazard drop off but the line was literally a mile long. Why they only schedule this twice a year is beyond me.) I should also mention that I have a few more plants that still need to go in the ground. I ordered over 60!

By late afternoon, Edwin finished priming the shed and said he'd be back mid-week to prime the fence. He'll also be putting on new lattice work underneath. The whole project should be done in about two weeks.

At 8:00 last night I was finally showered and sitting down to relax. Long day! Since we never made it grocery shopping, we ordered out (here).

Today we're heading into Fenway to see the Red Sox beat (hopefully) the Baltimore Orioles. Then dinner in the North End.


Mike, Studio city said...

The joy of home ownership. We don't need to go to the gym, we get our workout in the yard. M and G

Lemuel said...

You should be tired! but filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Ur-spo said...

I was tired by merely reading it all.
I hope your industry pays off well.

Jabacue said...

Oh for a game at Fenway!!!! We've been to a few and it's time we go again.