Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Air!

Money Suckers (Courtesy of blmurch)

How can you breath with no air?

At least one of my air conditioning units works. Thank God!

Ever since we moved in we've had problems with the first floor air conditioning unit. I've spent hundreds on having it recharged and serviced each year. Last season they discovered some significant leaks and spent time (and lots of money) soldering them up. Since it's been nearly 90 degrees, the last couple of days, we turned them on. The first floor was 72 when I turned it on, an hour later it was 73.

Long and short, the service man was here last night: I need a new unit to the tune of several thousand dollars. Ouch!


Jason Loucks said...

Yes, it was 90s here in CT as well. Luckily where I live there aren't many windows so I was able to shut windows and pull the curtains to keep it cool. I have a couple windows with fans sucking the heat out which helps as well. I don't want to put the AC in quite yet.

I hate when stuff breaks down when you really need, in your case the AC. Now you have shell out thousands of dollars to replace one. Sucks. Keep us posted. :D

Anonymous said...

One reason I love it here... we don't have, nor do we need air conditioning. It tends to break 80 degrees only a few times through the summer. But, having lived in other areas, I can certainly see the necessity of A/C for you... Hope it all works out well soon.

Jabacue said...

Hang in there!I was actually looking a an AC unit the other day. Mind you, we only need it for a 2 week period in AUgust, but you never know with the way the temp has been fluctuating ltely.

Lemuel said...

It is to be brutal today, not a time for your unit to be down. Perhaps you will get some residual cooling from your upper floor unit unit the new one is installed. But nothing can ease the pain of the cost of a new unit except perhaps the thought that it will work when you need it.