Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now the TV is on the Fritz

Photo credit: Savage Henry Lee

I'm hoping the flicker on my television set is a Comcast/cable issue and not my 1995 bubble television set dying. I really don't want to shell out money for a new tv right now, especially since I have to buy a new a/c unit.

Last night I tried watching American Idol but with all the screen flicking I felt like I was going to have a seizure. The other television, in the spare bedroom, was all fuzz. I'm thinking the issue is cable related because I never did call to exchange the box as they had requested a couple of months back. I didn't call because they said the result of keeping the old one would just be a downgrade to basic cable, channels 2 - 13. Honestly I don't watch enough television to warrant 150-200 channels.

I called them last night but the wait time was too long. I'll have to try later today.

As for the a/c unit, I've had a couple of quotes now. They both tell me the same thing: I could 1) just replace the one broken unit ($$$) but since the other was in the same age I should also 2) replace that other one as well ($$$$). Plus the new one would look completely different.

But...there's always a but...since the a/c units are tied to the furnaces to get the most efficiency you'd have to change out the furnaces too! Since the government is kicking in on tax incentives and the electric and gas companies give thousand in rebates the ideal way is to 3) replace all systems (2 a/c units and 2 furnaces) ($$$$$).

While option # 3 is the most costly it would eventually pay for itself. However determining the pay back period is difficult. Maybe 5-10 years?

I'm leaning toward option 2, just the a/c units and keeping the furnaces. They're not that old and while I would save a lot of energy it's just a lot of money to shell out now!

I'm also calling a geothermal company. At the expense of option # 3, why not check out going completely green? My neighbor up the street, with this huge 19th century mansion, (see article here) did it and has next to no heating and electric bills.


Anonymous said...

Man, that stinks about the A/C unit, especially with summer coming up fast.

And the TV. You had it for 15 years? Consider yourself luck - you definitely got your money's worth.

Check out Craig's List. You may find a steal on a new TV. Maybe someone has one for sale that 'fell off a truck'. (Been there, done that.)

A Lewis said...

Craigs list is a great idea. All sorts of things on there.
It does, indeed, rain when it pours. Big hugs for clearing up this mess.

Lemuel said...

I hope what you have is not "catching"! :)

Seriously, that geothermal option (or some other alternatives) would seem worth investigating at least. It may not pan out, but given the circumstances it may be a good long term option.

I think that I had commented before that we had replaced our a/c when we moved here three years ago. What we actually did was replace the whole system. There was oil heat and electric a/c. Both were about 25 y/o. We had a new hvac system (electric) put in. I would love to put solar panels on the roof, but right now I cannot afford them.

tornwordo said...

The thermo pumps are pretty big up here. Big initial outlay, but tiny bills for the next 20 years. Maybe you could take a second on the house, pay the system and then make payments as though they were your old electric/gas bills. Then it wouldn't hurt so bad.

tornwordo said...

Oh and what is this money from the government? That sounds socialistic, lol.

Rick said...

It is socialist! : )

Ur-spo said...

radical idea; get rid of all TVs !