Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snippets: Mid-to-End of May Update

I haven't posted one of these in awhile so I thought I give a little snapshot on the state of my world.
  • My office lost electricity for almost 4 hours yesterday. Finally at 3:00 they let everyone go home. Though I had a critical meeting previously schedule for that time in which we just needed to get the right people in the room, no need for lights or a computer. Well, as the call center ran out the door at 3:00, literally at 3:01 the electricity came back on!
  • Bandit has his dog walker coming today. He's been doing really well with her. She's been mixing him in with other dogs. He doesn't get the chance to interact with other dogs much and can be protective with me when walking. He's been doing good and going to the doggie parks, playing fetch. From what she tells me, he's been having a blast!
  • The shed is finally done. Woo hoo! It looks nice. I'll post some pictures. The other night we hung up a flower box and on Saturday we're bringing the trash behind the fence to the dump. Finally!
  • In between PBS, I watched American Idol. I'm glad Casey is gone. Lee and Crystal deserve the top spots. But honestly I prefer PBS.
  • I'm nearly at the $100 marker.  When I reach $100 in ad revenue through Bandit Talks, Google AdSense sends me a check.  After nearly five years of blogging, I'll have made a total of $200.  Thank God I don't do it for the money.  (But feel free to click on the ads to throw me over the edge.)
Everything else is going well.  Not much to complain about.  The experience at work has made me that much more grateful that life is good. Thank you all for your support.


Jabacue said...

Good feeling when you complete a project,eh? Post some pics. Just looked at your shelfari link.....great books.
Sophie,our dog,loves to socialize with people first, then other dogs. She loves to be with a pack.....she handles herself quite well. Bandit will adjust to the 'pack' too.

Greg said...

I thought about using Google AdSense, but I don't think many people visit my blog so I wouldn't make any money until 2020.

tornwordo said...

No fair! I've made nothing. That's because Google refuses to do business with me because of something serge mistakenly did years ago. We are banned for life from Adsense.

Peter said...

And on what are you going to spend all that cash one may wonder?

I'm glad Bandit likes it with the other doggies, it gives something to look forward to during the week. Of course all the love you and Chris give her should be enough but interaction with others is a plus too.

Will said...

I shall henceforth click on ads whenever I visit Bandit Talks!

Ur-spo said...

good news, all of that

Lemuel said...

Maybe that loss of power was the way the universe was reminding the world that the meeting was not as critical as it had been thought to be. :)
I'm glad Bandit is learning to socialize. I fear the cause is lost for our princess.