Saturday, May 08, 2010


Yesterday I was a clock watcher; I left the office at five on the dot. I had to. I had to have enough time to mow the lawn before the sunset. With today's weather being iffy in terms of rain and Sunday having plans, there was no other time to fit it in.

I was home at 5:15, fed Bandit, put him on his lead in the backyard and headed out to the yard with mower.

The grass was so thick and high I had to empty the catcher literally about twenty times. I guess the fertilizer step-program that I've been religiously following for the last couple of years is starting to pay off.

Dandelions, my nemesis. While not environmentally friendly, for the last week or so I've been running around with Ortho weed killer spraying these yellow suckers where ever I see them pop up. I'm a fanatic with the weeds this year. The neighbors see me out there tugging and pulling on all sorts of things.

Two and half hours later, as the sun was setting, I was putting the mower away. Now the yard looks good. It no longer goes up over Bandit's head.

Tonight we're having the kids over for a sleepover and tomorrow up to Haverhill for a Mother's Day party.


Anonymous said... shoulda took a pix with the grass up over Bandit's head - cute. For some reason, I actually enjoyed mowing the lawn (when I was a kid). It was something about the uniformity and meditative state of mowing one's lawn (the grass, I mean).

The smell of fresh-cut grass is second to none!

Have a great weekend.

Mike, Studio city said...

The joy of home ownership, ain't it a kick. The yard is a year round job here in Hollywood. The gardener does most of the work but he will not pull weeds. That's OK.

Lemuel said...

I just learned yesterday that "we" brought the seeds for those nasty little yellow lawn critters over with us from Europe. They're not native to the Americas.