Friday, June 25, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah: Rick Complains About the Boring and Unimportant

Caution:  What you're about to read may come across as a passive aggressive attempt at being showered with approval. Yikes! There's nothing more unappealing them someone fishing for compliments by putting themselves down. Pay no never mind.

Maybe I just need a second cup of coffee.

First off let's start with a quick little update: Since you read me last I have seen a fabulous drag show, walked 8-miles for cancer, hosted a cookout for about 30 people, finalized requirements for one of my projects and even got a promotion at work. It's been a busy week.

After all that time away from Bandit Talks, I popped back here to see what's been going on and noticed that my last post only got two comments.

(Wah, wah, wah, wah.)

While I haven't posted in about a week, I continue to read and post on others. What gives?

Like the 2008 recession I fear Bandit Talks' readership has tanked: my boring, trite little life no longer appealing. With only a few days left in June, my stats look as if it is to be the lowest visited month in the past year.

Bandit Talks Monthly Visits (in thousands)

Should I enact a stimulus?

I don't know why I attach site visits and comments to any sort of sense of accomplishment. After all, I blog for fun certainly not recognition. I sometimes think about retiring the site yet this November will mark its fifth year anniversary. I must hold out till at least then.

What would I do with my mornings if I left the blogging world? I could sleep in, maybe go to the gym on a regular basis, catch up on some reading and writing. Hmmm...

Then again I'll probably just keep on posting as I do enjoy it regardless if no one reads.


Peter said...

First of all you write for yourself not your readers, but it's always nice to have commenters.

To stimulate your 'package' I send you something in the mail. *wink*

Jabacue said...

Rick, Pull yourself together (lol.
Actually, I feel the same way people really care about what I write about and is it OK if they don't respond.
Guess you have to ask yourself the question....why do you blog? Is it for yourself, like a diary entry? Or are you doing it to attract attention to your blog? Nothing wrong in wanting some response though. Maybe you need to recruit more followers. I look at the people who follow my followers. There may be some common interests from that pool.

Hang in there. June is a busy month.....people are busier than usual.

Michael Rivers said...

I go through the same thoughts. Why am I doing this? Should I do it? etc. So far, I keep hanging in there!

Sean said...

a lot of the blogs I read are saying the same thing about traffic. You can't go wrong with more Bandit pics. Tramp just got his summer cut and I'll be posting the pics soon.

A Lewis said...

My dear, you're not all. Nobody's blog gets the readers it used to. If you're in it for the comments or readership, you'll close up shop today. I'm continuing and I hope you do to. Find a different approach to doing things!

Anonymous said...

Rick, I NEVER miss reading your blog although I rarely comment. Please don't "down" about readership---I really enjoy what you write.

Keep it up!!!!


Lemuel said...

Yeah, what they said. :)
I cannot count the times I've thought about closing up my blog - just this week alone! Then I get the itch and just do it (blog).
As for your blog, I only come here for the gratuitous pictures of Bandit. Rick? Who's Rick? :-D

Ur-spo said...

Your last comment is the heart of the matter.

My stats are not what they used to be either - I suppose it is a general decline in bloggers. However, we have each other, and we write because we want to. we don't need no more !

Rick said...

Thanks all...glad to know I'm not alone.

RG said...

Let's face it, everyone is a bit of an attention whore. May I suggest shirtless pics to bump up the traffic a bit. LOL

wcs said...

I check in every time you post. I like to know what Bandit is saying (through you).

Keep on truckin'! Errr... does anyone say that anymore? ;)

tornwordo said...

I don't look at the traffic stats anymore....too depressing. As long as it still has a fun element, I'd keep on keepin on.

the cajun said...

I visit as a lurker, never posted before.

Your life is a three-ring circus compared to mine and it's interesting to follow. That said, I'm back to my lurking outpost.

Greg said...

Don't worry about the amount of comments and whatnot. If I did that, I would've shut down my blog years ago.