Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cell Phone Picture Dump

So this has been quite an exciting week. We got our new air conditioner installed, purchased a new tv and, while not so exciting for me, Chris got a new cell phone. More on why I didn't later.

The air conditioner is huge! It dwarfs the upstairs one. Apparently the bigger the better is true in a/c land: The bigger the casing the less energy required for the fan to circulate the the guy tells me. We got an excellent deal. The model we got was an upgrade from the one we were quoted on. The system we were going to get was out of stock so they gave us this model which lists for $700 more for the same price.

As for the television, we did get a good deal; however, since it still isn't working I question whether or not we needed a new one in the first place! A friend of ours came over last night to hook it up. Three hours later we finally got a signal and wouldn't you know it started flickering just like the old one was doing! "I didn't just spend $400 on a new tv when it's just got something to do with the cable did I?" Regardless, what's done is done. It was time I got a new tv anyway. I'm calling the cable company today to see if there's something they can do. On-demand works fine it's just the rest of the 250 channels that don't.

Yesterday we went to the Verizon store to get new every two years thing. Well come to find out Chris' phone was up for renewal while apparently mine doesn't renew till June 19th. They wouldn't push mine up a couple of weeks but at least Chris got his. While we were waiting, I started going through some of my cell phone pics because they won't transfer to the new phone (once I finally get one). So, I thought I'd share...

Above was taken a few weeks back of me at the dump.   We had gone to get rid of bunch of junk left at the house by the prior owner. Don't you just love a man in a hard hat?

This is one of the lilacs I bought on-line. (Couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture, sorry.) It's so teeny. Hopefully one day it'll grow into a real bush.

One the subject of plants, above is the shade garden that I also purchased on-line (different company than the lilacs). They're doing well. It'll take a few years for them to really fill in but it's better than a barren hunk of mulch.

Here's Chris and Bandit looking at the Salem Jail reconstruction which by the way just opened to new residents this past week. It's already 80% occupied with some of the units going for $2,500-2,800 dollars a month. A new restaurant is opening in August.

Love this picture! This was Bandit at the vet. We were waiting for her to see us. Actually, Bandit was waiting to get out of there! He was so scared. "Daddy please just open the door."

Only denture wearers need apply for this job. I snapped this at the Salem Jail construction site. You can see the Howard Street cemetery in the background.

Above was taken from the checkout aisle at the Hannaford in Bar Harbor, Maine. You'll have to wait for my book to come out before figuring out the significance.

Another picture snapped during a Bandit walk. This one is at the memorial site of Sarah Good, Salem witch hanged in 1692. I loved the wilted rose.

Well, there's a download from my cell phone. Hope you enjoyed!


Jabacue said...

Great pics! Doesn't that always happen.....think you are fixing a problem and nothing changes. Argh!

Sean said...

I had to take Tramp and Truvy to the vet this week too. Just the usual check-up and shots and another $500! Bandit looks the most like my Tramp of any cairns I've met - soooo cute!

Lemuel said...

I love the Bandit pic!!

Good deal on the upgrade on the A/C unit. The installer's comments make sense to me from what I know about the engineering of the dang things.

Is that the supermarket in downtown BH? It kind of brought a flash back. If it is, it did not change much. We used to stop there to pick up the fresh foods we needed for camping (milk, etc.).

Rick said...

Yes, downtown Bar Harbor.

Ur-spo said...

Excellent photos, all of them. Bandit is the best of the bunch.

tornwordo said...

Aww Bandit. We had trouble with the cable signal too and they came and put a can't-remember-what-they-called-it, but something to increase the signal - a fortifier? That fixed the problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing your not a Sprint customer. I was able to upgrade, get the public deal (free blackberry) a month before my anniversary date.

Nice seem to have lost a little too much weight.

savante said...

Helluva cute dog! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pix, especially of Bandit. Bar Harbor (or rather Ba-ha-ba) is beautiful. I spent some time near there a couple summers - once in Southwest Harbor and the next year down the road a bit at Biddeford Pool. Good times.

Peter said...

Love the Bandit pic and it fits the header well.

You're looking very butch in that shot at the dump.

Greg said...

Aww....that picture of Bandit is so cute!

CJ/Rick said...

That is one sweet pic of Bandit. Mine used to pee on the floor when they were puppies. Now they don't get nervous.