Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Sunday and Happy Pride

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Boston's Gay Pride. We went into town, watched the parade and partied. Despite the torrential downpour we enjoyed ourselves - soaked to the skin for the remainder of the day.

I have a ton of pictures: While I would love to incorporate them into this post, I just don't have the energy to download and modify - as there is always a need for a bit of cropping and changes to the lighting.

The day started at 8:30am with a ferry ride in town and ended by catching the 10:49pm train back.
Up early today to catch breakfast with a friend and then wait for the cable guy. So let me update you on TV saga....

In case you don't remember:  Recall a couple posts back I mentioned getting a new tv because we "thought" our old bubble set from 1995 was broken...flickering etc. Also recall my friend came over to hitch it up and couldn't get it working.

After all that, I called Comcast and they said they would send a technician out.  It was still flickering exactly like the old set but I wasn't sure if it was because we needed an HD box.  They came out Thursday and spent two and half hours trying to rectify.  I wasn't here, my unemployed friend came over to let him in and when they left it was working.  I came home, turned it on and still flickering!

I was pissed.  I spent $400 on a new tv when the old one was probably fine.

Ultimately I not so mad that I getting rid off a seemingly good television, I just want to watch the new one I got! I really needed a new set anyway; plus the price and financing were good, no interest for two years at Best Buy.

Long story short, Comcast is coming out again today to try and rectify.

The New Non-working TV


Anonymous said...

You're like me. I don't like to buy something new if what I have works fine. (Hubs, on the other hand, will buy something new if he can't find what it is that he already has - that's why we have 3 of everything.)

Pride Day! I forgot that June is Pride month until a few days ago - I'm in danger of getting my gay card revoked. Eeek!

Jabacue said...

Now I know where all these overcast skies are coming from......thanks. Actually the garden can use some H20.
Our pride week isn't till July.We like to see the parade and join in on all the craziness.

Mike, Studio city said...

We had our Pride this weekend also. West Hollywood is all a glow. Sharon Osborne was grand marshall, and her daughter was with her also.

Ur-spo said...

Happy Pride day to you too, dearie !

Lemuel said...

I would love to see Your pics from Pride some day.
Is it possible that you are living near someone/something that is causing electrical interference in your signal? Could there be some "weakness" in the electrical wiring (or something that works on electricity) in your home somewhere that is picking up an interference and causing the flickering? Just a thought.