Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is it the Long Weekend Yet?

It's Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to the long weekend. Tons of people are on vacation and I'm jealous.  Oh well, only  a few more days. 

Bandit's doing well. He got his haircut and looks so cute. I bought him a new ball because he lost (I thought) his other one.  Throwing it around on Sunday he came out of the woods with the other one.  They're his favorite thing.  He will play fetch for hours if you let him.

I'm loving my new Blackberry, so much functionality. The only thing...I've been receiving this constant gibberish text message ever since I walked out of the store. Customer Service at Verizon was of no help.  I replied with Stop; we'll see if that rids it today.  I've literally received about 40 of them since Saturday.  Annoying.


Michael Rivers said...

Sadly, we don't get a long weekend. Corporate offices are open Monday. Don't get me started!

Lemuel said...

I wish my princess would play catch/fetch.
I hope you have a very enjoyable long weekend - when it arrives.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to rub it in, but I get a 4 day weekend.

Oh, and I knew you'd love your BB. See if Verizon will block those specific texts...Sprint does.

Ur-spo said...

best to go back to dixie cups and string.

A Lewis said...

Maybe sometime on one of my (very rare) Boston layovers, I can come and play with Bandit!

Greg said...

Thank goodness, a three-day weekend is almost here. And Bandit looks ready to enjoy some time off, with that stylish new 'do.