Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's All So Therapeutic

The Pictorial Rorschach Test (Photo Credit: Onkel Wart)

Well I guess a little bitching does account for something. Thanks for the uptake in comments in my last post. Like many of you said, we ultimately blog for ourselves but it is nice to know that there is someone out there. I've decided to try and post a little more regularly. I find it fun as well as therapeutic. Enough said, on to the good stuff...

On the subject of therapy, today Ur-Spo wrote what I think is a great post, a piece on time. So much of our anxiety and health problems (not to mention outright mistakes) are a result of us trying to do too much, too fast. So for today anyway I've decided to slow down. Thanks Spo for the prescription.

On the other side of slowing down and to better enable me to multi-task and get a ton done (don't tell Spo), yesterday I got a Smart Phone, a Blackberry Curve. I haven't played with it too much yet but so far I like it.
It took me a little bit to figure out the tiny keypad and to set up my email. For some reason I kept typing the password in wrong. The guy at the Verizon store must have thought I was a loon. After the 10th time (literally), I gave up just and had him tell me what the steps would be to configure it. I told him I'd figure out the password on my own. The pressure was too much standing there at the kiosk. I'll keep you posted as to my enjoyment, or lack thereof, of my new found Smart-ness.

Which day of the week is your favorite?

Saturday is my most favorite day of the week. Yesterday's Saturday (that reads funny...oh well) was a more routine one, which are the types of Saturdays that I particularly like. The last few Saturdays, not that they've been bad and I haven't enjoyed them, have been filled with too much activity and rushing around. Yesterday we got up early, headed out to do our errands and got back mid-afternoon with enough time for a nap (taking Spo up on his advice) and then some puttering in the yard. Later in the day when I closed my eyes all I could see were weeds.

Today shall see more relaxation and probably some additional yard work. Though Chris is on call. I just heard him talking to a patient and the call ending with "I'll try and get out to see you sometime today"; which means I'll probably be tagging along for a ride to east-osh-gosh in support of the therapist.


Peter said...

take it easy today, it's far too hot anyway! [or it is here in Asd]

Jabacue said...

Hey Rick, Welcome back and FULL STEAM AHEAD! Okay, that was a bit corny, I know. Friends have fancy iphones /blackberry, and we may eventually......they are just so handy and convenient.
Yes, slowing down avery now and then is sooooo good to do. Yesterday we were on the go from 6 AM to 10PM. Today we are resting!

Lemuel said...

I know I just am not nimble enough to use one of those tiny keyboards! I have enough trouble with the full sized on one my desktop. As if to prove my point, I made at least three typos, just typing this comment (but I think I corrected them all. :) )

Anonymous said...

I Love my BB... You will keep finding new things that it does beyond your hopes of just reading your email and talking on the phone. Set your reminders for everything from important meetings to - stop and get gas on the way home... The alarm clock is perfect when you assume the power will be out in the morning or staying at hotels. Messenger service let's you talk to anyone anywhere at anytime. The secret BB club has it's own messenger. I couldn't live without mine now and look forward to the new models they have in store for me when I'm ready to upgrade.