Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Breakfast Club

I don't know what to write about. It's July. It's hot. We haven't had any rain in weeks; I've had to put the sprinkler system on every day so as not to burn the grass. And because we planted so many perennials we're spending close to an hour at night watering them (some aren't reached by the sprinkler).

What else?

I bought some new t-shirts at Target last weekend. They were vintage advertisements: Enjoy Coke, Give a Hoot Don't Pollute and the
Breakfast Club (with breakfast cereal cartoon characters). They were only $9.99 each. I love them but one of them (the breakfast one) has a little hole in it. I don't want the hassle of bringing it back but it'll bug me if I don't. I should have checked it out better at the store.

This weekend I have the painter coming back to freshen up the back porch. He put two coats of stain on it in the spring yet it stills a little dull. I think it needs a coat of polyurethane or something.

With my new assignment at work, I don't have as many meetings. I forgot what it was like to actually sit at my desk and get work done. It's nice!

Chris is on call all week. Yuck! This usually dampers something. Either it's a call at 2:30 in the morning and then I can't fall back to sleep or in the middle of grocery shopping we have to head into Boston or plans get canceled because someone can't breath. Oh well, that's the price he pays so he doesn't have to be on call when he's on vacation.

Chris is taking the last week of July off. I'm taking just one (maybe two) days(s). He's doing local stuff with our friend Didi, whose plant is on shut down and his Goddaughter. He'll also be doing stuff at the rental property. There's usually a couple weeks a year where we are not on the same vacation schedule. For me it's Christmas time; I have off for two weeks and he just the holidays and an extra day or two.

Our next vacation-vacation is Labor Day week when we go up to Bar Harbor. I want to say I can't wait but that would be wishing the summer away.  It is a lot of fun and Bandit gets to come with us.

We also just booked a Florida trip in April. We're going to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter and then over to the west coast (hopefully no tar balls) and renting a condo on the beach with Chris' family. During that trip, I won't be on Florida's east coast so won't get a chance to see my Mom. I need to book another flight to go down sooner, maybe in the fall.

Alright, that's enough...quite a bit for someone who didn't know what he was going to write about.


wcs said...

Ah, the life of a "normal" person. Me too. Gotta keep the plants watered, the animals happy, and food on the table. :)

wcs said...

No time for the "homosexual agenda."

Peter said...

The Breakfast Club? When you wear it, even with the little hole, do feel younger or is it for sentimental reasons?!

Michael Rivers said...

Target has some great T-shirts this summer. I want them all! Each time I go in there, I'm tempted to buy.

Jabacue said...

Hey, summer is all laid out for you guys.Don't you love it! T-shirts....we don't have Target here but get ours from a place called 'Frenchy's... a 'used' clothing store that is very popular here in Nova Scotia and neighbouring New Brunswick. Cheap....$2.50. They are clean but we double wash them again.....just in case. There's no way I.m paying $30 for a t-shirt. So I get cha!

Ur-spo said...

I love these sort of posts - when 'nothing to write about' yields a bounty such as this.

Lemuel said...

We had a deck at the old place and I used to use a Cabot stain on it. It was recommended by our local (and excellent) paint store. It did a very nice job and did not look dull at all.

I hate it when I buy something only to get it home and find a flaw that I did not catch when I was in the store. Uggh.

Rick said...

Peter -- I haven't worn it yet but it's definitely for sentimental reasons.

Steven said...

Nice to hear of your new assignment at work. I hope you've been enjoying that time you've never had.