Saturday, July 03, 2010


I bought into a share of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). A colleague of mine and I get a heap of fresh vegetables every week. This weeks she's on vacation so she gave me her half.

Here I am chopping up Swiss chard. Last night I sauteed it in some sesame oil, threw in some garlic scapes as well as some other mustardy-like-thing that the guy at the Food Project turned me onto. It was delicious.

We also steamed up some summer squash and fresh zucchini.

Despite my lack of kitchen skills, I think I did pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you cooked! Not just a hot dog on the grill either... how's Chris feeling this morning?

Peter said...

Rick, that sounded deliscious. Just hope Anon Ymous will choke on his words [why do I have the feeling it's a he?]

Jabacue said...

That swiss chard looks fantastic.....what a good idea with buying a share in the support of local agriculture.

Lemuel said...

Sounds rather impressive - and tasty. :)

A Lewis said...

I love fresh, summertime garden food!