Thursday, July 01, 2010

Those "Dahn" Boston Accents

For the last week or so the local classified section has listed a Volkswagen for sale. Instead of listing it as a VW Passat it is a VW Pissart. I get a chuckle out of this every time I see it. This is a variation in Boston accent. We don't pronounce our r's, and often add them in unnecessary places.


Lemuel said...

I thought maybe the owner was dissatisfied and misspelled piss ant. :)

Will said...

Rick, earlier this year I recreated to the best of my memory something that aired on WBZ-TV 20 to 30 years ago, I think. It fits right in ywith your story:

Dick Flavin, a Boston TV political reporter, did this classic bit one night. He had a map of Boston on an easel and began drawing lines as he ticked off:

Here's Boston;
now, The North End is EAST of Boston
as opposed to the South End which is WEST of Boston, South Boston which is EAST of Boston, and the West End which is NORTH of Boston.
East Boston also is NORTH of Boston while West Roxbury is SOUTH of Roxbury.

By the time he'd finished, he had a big tic tac toe grid covering the city to help us keep it all straight.

He also did a pronunciation guide:

Boston: Bahst'n
Worcester: Wustah
but Dorchester: Dahchestah
Revere: R'veeah
Medford: Mefuh
Taunton: Tauwn'un

Michael Rivers said...

In Minnesota, we over-pronounce our "Os". At least some people do. Not quite as bad as movies portray it--but it's there. Not so much in Minneapolis--but the smaller the city/town gets, the heavier the accent.

Jabacue said...

I love the Boston accent.....very 'laid back' sounding.

A Lewis said...

Do you have one? The accent. Not the car.

Jason, as himself said...

That is so funny. I have a friend from Boston and I tease her every chance I get. I just don't understand why they add them where they don't belong and take them off of where they do belong! :)

RG said...

Wadda you retahded? We don't have accents!

Will don't forget:

Ur-spo said...

wicked! (boston expression, from my youth)

Rick said...

Will -- thanks for the tidbit on The North End vs. Sound End etc. Even I have pondered that one.

Arnie -- I've got a slight one. Living away has toned it down a bit. Chris' however is another story.

RG -- How could I forget the town and city pronunciations.