Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

The weekend started off Friday night with me leaving work relatively on time. I got home, fed Bandit and took him for a walk. It was hot so we didn't traipse too far.

On our way back Chris called me on the cell to tell me he was stuck in traffic (what else is new). We chatted for a bit, decided it was too hot to cook and that we would order pizza.

I came home and watered the plants whilst Bandit perched on the deck waiting for Chris (his best friend). Chris finally arrived. Bandit screamed and hollered so that everyone within a half-mile radius went deaf. Chris got settled and then out to help me finish the yard. He decompresses from his day by tending to his plants. We then had ourselves a Summer Cocktail (cranberry, tonic water and vodka) and decided upon Upper Crust pizza.

The pizza was delicious. In bed by 9:30. Zzzzzz...

Saturday morning I got up around 6:30, did the bills and had some coffee. From the office I could hear Bandit trying to wake Chris up (growling and huffing). Bandit finally won and Chris meandered downstairs. We went out on the deck, read the newspaper and enjoyed the morning sun and chirping of the birds.

Breakfast (Trader Joe's cereal), cleaning up of the house and then out to errands.

Earlier in the week I had won tickets to the reopening of the North Shore Music Theatre to see Gypsy with Vicki Lewis. So after getting back from our errands and planting a couple of shrubs that we picked up at Home Depot (to fill the stump holes), we got ready for our "date".

For dinner we decided on a local restaurant called The Willow Tree which is where we had our first date nearly four years ago. The atmosphere could use a little pick me up but the food is always decent. And coincidentally our waitress was a childhood friend of mine. I had a New York sirloin which was phenomenal. Chris got veal and loved it. (I'm not a veal guy so I'll take his word for it.)

As for the show, the dinner was better. Don't get me wrong Gypsy wasn't bad; Vicki Lewis was great but there were problems with the sound that just
ruined it for me. Throughout the first act her microphone went in and out and then periodic static.

As you might recall, the NSMT shut down about two years ago due to bankruptcy. It was the new owner's first show. The house was only half full. The place looks great but it'll take awhile for people to come back. People lost money on their '08 season subscriptions when the last one went belly up; people are reticent.

As for Sunday - I'll keep it quick - slept in till 8:30, outside with the Sunday paper and another bowl of Trader Joe's cereal, different type this time. Chris then cleaned the house while I mowed the lawn. Then in the afternoon we had a cookout to go to. We spent a few hours there and then back. I had a little more yard work to do. Chris watered again (it's been so dry).

Last night I watched "The Secret Life of Bees" which took a half hour into it for me to realize that I had read the book. It was good. In bed at 9:30, up at 5:00 and here we are.


Lemuel said...

...but it sounds as if your weekend was filled with the casual good things that make weekends the things worth working for all week.

Peter said...

A weekend full of chores to do, but also enough ME-time, and time for Chris and Bandit. Sounds good.

Jason, as himself said...

Good weekend overall!