Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, Monday

Just a little update here. Not too much is going on. I'm looking forward to heading up to Maine again. Work's been busy. Bandit's doing better. I took him to the vet for his scratching. She told me it's skin allergies and put him on an anti-biotic which has helped some. It should take three weeks or so to completely clear up.

Yesterday we went to this horrible theatre thing. I call it a thing because it certainly wasn't a play. I felt like I was watching a bunch of American Idol rejects - you know, the really bad ones at the beginning of the season - singing 60s music. They dressed in 60s attire but looked more like 2010 people dressing like they were in the 60s, very little authenticity. Terrible!

Anyway, I'm grumpy. Haven't had my coffee and woke up late.


Jabacue said...

Poor little Bandit! Very uncomfortable, I'd say.
We've been to a few of those theatre thins that were pretty terrible.....had to stay and endure.....couldn't walk out!

You are like Ron without his coffee.....yikes, make way!

A Lewis said...

Well well well now....its funny that I'd read your post right now...because Mason has been scratching like there's no tomorrow. I know he has an ear infection (again) in his left ear but the scratching goes beyond that. I'm going to the vet today -- and I'll ask about the allergies. Thanks!

Ur-spo said...

nothing is more tedious than bad theater.
I hope your pooch gets better soon.

Peter said...

Aaaaaaaaahhh, poor Bandit, I hope he's better soon. And you, I hope the coffee did its magical thing!

Lemuel said...

We were just talking to our younger son who had his new dog to the vet. The dog has been scratching and the vet suggested putting the dog on benadryl.

the cajun said...

Poor Bandit! Poor Rick! Hope the drugs help, for Bandit, not you. ;~) The pet allergy season has begun here, too. And too early. That may not help with Bandit's scratching, but it's good to know he's not alone

Say, while you're in Maine, would you be a dear and send me a few of those lovely crustaceans that are delicious with drawn butter - and just about anything else.

Enjoy a peaceful time in the north country.

Rick said...

@Jabacue - endure is the right word.

@Arnie - hope Mason is better too.

@Spo - indeed tedious!

@Peter - thanks Peter...he is doing much better.

@Cajun - your lobster shall be on its way!