Thursday, August 12, 2010

My New Coffee Pot and Making Ten Bucks

I was surprised by the amount of interest in my coffee pot (or lack thereof). Yes, I got a new one - the very next day.

I'm sorry; I didn't mean to leave you hanging. However you wouldn't expect me to live without my coffee would you?

The New Brushed Nickel Cuisnart Coffee Maker

I got another Cuisnart, the exact same model and color as before. However, this one has a few new upgrades. It's quite nice and makes a great cup of coffee. I am quite pleased. Plus I got it on sale, of course. And a rebate coming from the manufacturer for another $10. I was very happy!

I don't understand rebates: why not just offer it up front? Probably because they think a decent percentage will never bother to mail it in. Not me! It's kind of a pain in the ass but 10 bucks is 10 bucks.

Speaking of 10 bucks, I complained to Panera Breads about a bad tuna sandwich I got. At lunch, a couple weeks back, I bought it while I was doing errands and brought it back to the office. They forgot my onions and the mayonnaise was disgusting. I was mad at spending $8 for a bad sandwich so wrote them a nasty email. They sent me two $5 gift checks.

Oh, that reminds me I wanted to complain to Tyson about the bad frozen chicken pieces we got.


Peter said...

So why haven't you done that, the letter to Tyson, see what they can do to please a unsatisfied customer.

Lemuel said...

ewww. Tyson. I passed one of their processing plants a few years back and the stench was so horrible that I cannot (knowingly) eat their meats.

My take on the rebate thing is two-fold: I think you are correct that they count on a lot of people not sending in for it. Those who do are giving their data for marketing. It is sold to other companies who try to sell their wares to you. (I know I worked in marketing database for nearly 5 years.)

One of the other "cute tricks" that was done (especially by a certain office supply company) was to deny the rebate based on little details of the rules that they decided were not followed correctly.

A Lewis said...

Oooh la la...pretty coffee maker! I've had my eyeballs on those before -- but ours is only 2 years old, works fine, is beautiful and cost $100.
And why in the world are you eating Tyson frozen chicken?

Mark said...

Look at you, Mr. Fancy, with your brushed nickel coffee maker. I'm still using my plastic one that Maxwell House sent to me for buying their coffee.

the cajun said...

I agree with Lem regarding the mail in rebate. It's all about marketing and collecting personal info about buying habits. Same is true of that Supermarket card, or cards you carry.

Nice coffeemaker, but I only have me, and my (now rather old) Senseo single/double cup coffee maker is the best. The pods are not easy to find here, but I have reusable ones (thanks, Peter!) so I can use any coffees I wish.

Yes, we obviously were waiting for news of the replacement appliance.

Anonymous said...

Nice coffee maker! I'm not a coffee drinker, but this post reminds me of the time I gave Hubz an espresso machine for his birthday years ago. He's truly a man who has everything. So, I thought he's a man who loves espresso but doesn't have an espresso maker.

The only machine I could afford at the time was a bottom of the market $175 espresso maker that I swore he would poo-poo, but act like he liked it.

Years later, he uses that thing every day, and has even gone out of his way to add chic-ey espresso cups/spoons to our dishware.

Every time he makes a cup I smile.

Michael Rivers said...

Nice coffee pot. I believe mine burned out this morning. It brewed 1/2 a pot and stopped. Guess I'll be shopping this weekend.

Ur-spo said...

forgo nasty coffee, and drink tea and live forever

Rick said...

@Peter -- the Tyson email is on my list of to-dos. Perhaps this weekend.

@Lemuel -- I never thought of the marketing/data collection aspect. It must pass the cost-benefit analysis somehow.

@Arnie -- I know...Tyson frozen chicken...not good. But we had this great buffalo sauce and wanted to make buffalo chicken.

@Mark -- remember no kids.

@Cajun -- I like those single cup dispenser. I never even thought of time.

@Corey -- Ooo, espresso!

@Michael -- Bed, Bath & Beyond. $50!

@Urspo -- I do like green tea. For that I use the old fashion kettle.

RG said...

I complained to Mercedes, but alas, I didn't get a gift certificate for a free car. Of course, it might help if I had a Mercedes to complain about.

I did however, get a gift certificate from Edy's Ice Cream when I wrote a nasty email about a nasty flavor ice cream they made. And BONUS, when I went to buy my new ice cream, it was on sale, so I got two for the price of one. Now my underwear is a little tight at the waist. LOL

Rick said...

RG - perhaps a complaint to Fruit of the Loom and you'll get some new skivvies.

RG said...

Sure - I'll complain to Fruit of the Loom that their underwear shrank in the wash - hahahahahaha.

Mike said...

We bought one of those fancy coffee makers when we moved into our new apartment. It actually came with a 25-minute DVD on how to use it, how to clean it, etc. It had a built in grinder too so the coffee was brewed "as its freshest". Good god...the first morning, we set it to start at 5:30 am...and the horribly loud sound it made starting up was enough to wake our new neighbors. We drank from that one pot of coffee, then packaged it back up and brought it back to macy's for a refund. Simpler is better!!!

Rick said...

@Mike - that's why I kept with this simple one, no grinder just make coffee. You can time it, as you mentioned, but I don't -- haven't even set the clock.