Sunday, August 15, 2010

Now That's a Foot of a Different Color

Ahhh, blessed Sunday, day of relaxation.

I just finished reading the newspaper, perusing the sales flyers. Shaw's is having a deal on Cheerios for $.99. While I'm out today I might swing by; I have a coupon for $1 off two...actually I have two of those coupons. So I could get four boxes of cereal for $2. Not a bad bargain.

I also need Bounty. Stop & Shop has a 15 pack on sale for $10.99. Then Target has Downy on sale for $9.99 plus I have a $2 coupon. Then Walgreens has some good deals too.

Alright, I am not spending my Sunday driving to four different stores for bargains. Even I'm not that bad! But if I'm out and about this week I might stop at a couple stores.  I never go out of my way for a deal unless it's too good to pass up. 

Oh, yesterday we met up with a friend for breakfast. As I was walking out I noticed my left foot felt funny. I didn't think too much of it but as I walked further I happened to look down and saw that I had Chris' sandal on my left foot and mine on my right. Duh! He's a half-size smaller than I am, hence the funny feeling. Weird part is we walked there and I didn't notice till we were heading home.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you have to go to 4 different locations to get those bargains. Even if you use the difference in gas cost to get 'em. It's all about feeling great about getting a bargain. And those coupons! Woo-hoo! Good times.

On a separate note, mismatched mandles? That's okay; I'll bet everyone who lives near you will be doing the same thing this week. You trend-setter, you.

Peter said...

Corey already said the other thing I wanted to comment on, so I leave that for what it is.

Do you and Chris dress up as twins too? ;)

CJ/Rick said...

I have been guilty of putting on two different shoes of my own in the dark but I usually don't get too far.

Lemuel said...

One morning in college I woke up and dressed to go to my 8 and 9 o'clock classes. On my way home from the 9 I noticed that I had one black penny loafer on one foot and one brown plain toed shoe of a different fashion on the other.

I just want to know if Chris had one of each on at the same time, too.

Jason, as himself said...

Um. I think your legs are hot.

Ur-spo said...

I think that is a good luck sign in Romania, or Fiji. I can't remember which.

Mark said...

I guess you can judge him now that you walked a mile in his shoes. Or would it be half a mile since it was only one show? Mismatched or not, they're still better than my sandles.
Your Friend, m.

RG said...

The reason you didn't feel it walking there is because your feet got all bloated from eating all those carbs at breakfast.

Rick said...

@Corey -- Sans Cheerios here...I haven't made it to any of them.

@Peter - actually people have asked us if we're brothers!

@CJ/Rick - this was broad day light, and I got very far. No excuses!

@Lemuel - Chris was smart enough to wear sneakers.

@Jason - (blush) thank you!

@Ur-spo - next time I'm in Fiji I'm remember to pack them.

@Mark - hadn't stopped me from judging...that's just me : )

@RG - You can see the pancakes written all over my toes can't you?

Mike said... it just me, or does it look like one leg is wearing green shorts and the other is wearing khaki shorts? How do you explain THAT one??

Rick said...

@Mike - They do look different don't they. I was just having a bad day.