Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Trip Through Rick's Cell Phone

Since I've had my new Blackberry, which is working out nicely by the way, I've been snapping photos here and there. So for today's post I thought I'd share some with you.

A Hoarders' Bookstore

While out walking I stopped into this bookstore above, which has been there for decades, and took this picture. As a kid I remember it being in a state of disarray; however, it's gotten worse over the years. A&E should do a piece on this place. The counter is so stacked with books you can barely see the guy behind the register.  There's only a little tiny opening for one to ask questions or complete their transaction. Though I have to say he knows where to find everything.

Faneuil Hall Street Performer

On our day off last week we went into Boston. Faneuil Hall saw its typical onslaught of street performers. I found the above statuette particularly interesting. 

The Volvo at 80,000 miles (plus one)

The other day the Volvo hit 80,000 miles.  Seems like I just got it.  Back then I think it had 38,000.   I told myself I'd hold onto it for at least ten years before I get my Mercedes.  : )  What I wasn't specific about was did I mean the car was ten or I had it for ten.  2013 (the car's 10th year) isn't all that far away.

A Taste of Thyme Cafe in Salem, Massachusetts

As you probably know, Salem has really latched onto witchery.  One day while sitting at the counter eating some delicious blueberry pancakes, I snapped the photo above.

At Work

A couple of weeks ago I was in a meeting.  We were waiting for the WebEx to start.  I was playing with my phone and was tempted to take a picture of a particularly striking individual across from me but at the last minute chickened out and got my notes instead.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway: Type of Plant?

I'm hoping you green thumbs out there can help me identify the plant above.  It was taken at Boston's Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway - which makes for a stunning walk through what was once an elevated and dilapidated highway.  I particularly like this plant.  I'm thinking it's a Little Henry?

My African-American Child

At a cookout this cute little kid was running around.  His father black, his mother white.  Yet the joke was he was my kid.  I tan well.  Go figure.

Leslie's Mexican Pizza

This is our favorite of all favorite foods:  Leslie Retreat's Mexican Pizza.  We get it as an appetizer. It's made with tortillas, a simple yet delicious sauce, cheese and topped  with killer jalapenos. 

Christopher and Bandit Getting Ready for Bed

And finally here's Chris and Bandit snugging together, getting ready for a cozy night's sleeps.  I had to fight to find a spot for me.


Jabacue said...

Love that Bookstore, Rick! Could get lost in there quite easily, thank you.
And that pizza......m-m-m
Christopher and Bandit look sooo comfy.
More Blackberry shots please....they're good!

Jason, as himself said...

These are really great shots! I love interesting insights into every day life.

My favorite is the one of Christopher and Bandit. Bandit is so cute. And Christopher isn't half bad either. :)

Ur-spo said...

That last picture is lovely.

I would love to go to Salem Massachusetts. how ironical that my Puritan ancestors created a tourist trap based on the antithesis of their beliefs.

RG said...

I love the last picture. At least your four-legged child only weighs about 12 pounds right? Try snuggling with an 80lbs Pitbull/Black Lab mix. Damn dog things the bed is hers - she kicks me in the middle of the night.

AND, I bet your dog doesn't wake you up at 2 AM by wacking you in the nuts, because he's dreaming and wagging his tail, now does he? LOL

Lemuel said...

cool pics. thanks for sharing.
I don't have the patience any more to root through bookstores (or most any kind of store) like that. I'm glad the owner knows what he has and where it is at.
The pizza looks very tempting.
I'm usually the first to bed so I begin the night with adequate bed real estate, but when the princess joins me and later Mrs G, by morning I'm barely hanging on the edge. I note that Bandit, like all dogs, is smart enough to take his half out of the middle.

tornwordo said...

Aw the last pic is nice. Georgie likes to sleep alone on the sofa. Oh how those jalapenos look good, but oh how they hurt comin out, lol.

Greg said...

Great bookstore! The one like that in our area closed a few months ago. :( I loved roaming around those stacks and having to use a wetnap to clean my hands due to all the dust from the books.