Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Are What You Think About

I feel like posting but I have no idea what to write about. I could tell you how I went to get a headlight changed and instead wound up with a $300 bill and no headlight but that would be boring. I could mention that Bandit has been scratching so much that he's developed little welts under his belly and that I need to take him to the vets but what's the point. Or I could talk about how bloated I feel and need to go back on a diet, or perhaps take a Midol, but why bother?

You might think I'm in a state of malaise but no. Actually I'm doing quite well. In fact the other day I spent a few minutes writing, in my personal journal, on how grateful I am for all I have. I always feel good after reflecting on what is good. After all, you are what you think about.

I suppose I have you curious about the headlamp, Bandit's scratching and my waistline. Well, the first two should be resolved tomorrow and for the latter, a new goal has been set. While I wish a Midol would fix it I think it's mid-forties baggage, I intend to lose it by April of 2011 - that's when I go to Florida - better date to set than any. A new diet and exercise regime will soon begin. Stay tuned for details.


Lemuel said...

It's too late with the auto repair bill, but it still in time to wish you the best with Bandit's scratching and your "prep" for the trip to FL.

Anonymous said...

Rick---so you will know---I never miss a post. Just like today, I love your sentence structure and arrangement for your ideas, so interesting. You are interesting, keep up the amazing work.


Peter said...

I wish Bandit well, and you of course with the bill.

For the losing weight... I know it's hard but you can do it, just don't set the bar too high! Do it so that life is still liveable, Chris and Bandit will thank you for it.

Greg said...

Poor Bandit! Hopefully, when the weather cools a bit, he'll fare better. As for the weight, good idea to set a goal for April; that will allow you to lose weight at a good pace rather than all at once, which can do more harm than good.

Jabacue said...

Rick, glad you didn't get into any details right

Anonymous said...

Ohhh the headlamp...I went to get an inspection sticker...knowing my headlamp was out, and was shocked with the news of $2000 worth of work that needed to be done to pass inspection on a 2008..warranty just I bought a new car instead.

Rick said...

@Lemuel - Yeah, water under the bridge right?

@Grumpy - glad you're posting...thanks for the compliments.

@Peter - you're definitely has to be enjoyable.

@Greg -- I think the hot weather has aggravated his condition. He's going to the vet on Monday.

@Jabacue - I know...I like details.

@Anonymous - got the bulb replaced yesterday (8/20), only $25...hope your new car is doing well!

Will said...

Doing so much of the finishing work on this house--and especially doing the outdoor work of building New England-style stone walls as part of the gardening/landscaping--has saved me in terms of weight and toning.

I'm currently in the best shape of my life, but it DOES take constant work. particularly past age 40. We're both there now, I for a good deal longer than you. Fortunately what I do here I thoroughly enjoy.

tornwordo said...

Funny how all the google ads are for diet pills. I've been loving the Loseit app on the ipod. It sets your calorie budget and you log what you eat and exercise.

Rick said...

@Will -- that's it! I can build a stonewall...would love to have one.

@Tornwordo - I can't find the Lose It app for Blackberry. I like the concept.

the cajun said...

I've been thinking about an Alaska Cruise, Spinach salads, and Martinis!

So, what am I?

Update on Bandit when you can.