Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Enjoying Maine

Just a quick check in...Maine is wonderful. As their motto goes it is "the way life should be." We've been enjoying the views, the walks, the food but mostly relaxing. I've got a good book (Brunonia Barry's Map of True Places) and sit on the deck, read, pause once in awhile to look out into the harbor to catch at a seal or to see a hawk flying above.

Queen Elizabeth 2 at Port in Bar Harbor


A Lewis said...

I've never been to Maine. But I have full intentions. It looks weird to see the QE out there in such a small, serene harbor.

Greg said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxing time.

Michael Rivers said...

I've never been there. Looks beautiful.

Lemuel said...

jealous. jealous. jealous.
That's all I'm gonna say. ;)

Anonymous said...

Maine in August is wonderful. It's like the preview to Fall before anyone else gets it.

When I stayed in Northeast Harbor several years ago, I used to wake up, make tea and sit outside watching people muck their way around low tide digging for clams. The time of morning just before the sun comes up was the most magical to me there.

I still have my bouy bell wind chime that I got in a shop in Ba-ha-ba too. It hangs on my back deck, and every time the wind blows it, the low-key 'ding-dong' is a nice memory of the time I spent there.

Peter said...

Oh, I envy you, could use some nice weather [and company]. Enjoy your remaining time.