Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Business Trip on Workplace Diversity

I've been neglectful in posting - so sorry. But most of last week saw me touting around Albany, New York at the corporate GLBTA (gay, lesbian, transgender and allies) annual convention.

As co-chair of our newly created chapter, this was our first time having representation. I must say the GLBTA events were quite impressive, much more than I had anticipated. I'm all for diversity in the workplace but this, for me, made me see things from a different perspective: It's about inclusion not special rights. We had some very prominent speakers, from high-ups in corporate to officials within the Obama administration, to even Johnny Weir champion figure skater. The company really went all out and made me feel proud to be gay and grateful to work with such great people.

This week we took back some of our new found knowledge and are busy working up plans for events at our own office. While in Albany, I hob-nobbed with some very senior "outed" leaders one whom offered to come to Boston and give a talk at our office. We'll be working with her admin to schedule a trip out.

Johnny Weir was entertaining. He and Thomas Roberts, gay news anchor/correspondent for MSNBC, spoke during our dinner reception. Weir, considered the Lady Gaga of ice, showed up dressed in hair extensions and make up from just having got off a photo shoot. (Honestly, at first I thought he was a woman.)

Here I am (in orange) with some of my colleagues and Thomas Roberts, in suit.

Well that's about it. I hope to posting a little more regularly in the days to come.


Peter said...

I see two hot guys in that picture, the suit and the orange shirt guy. What are their names again? ;)

wcs said...

Albany is my home town! Glad to see some more good stuff going on there.

And Happy Birthday! :)

Jabacue said...

Sounds really interesting Rick! I admire Johnny Weir's courage...very brave fellow indeed. Some good things you're involved with.

Rick said...

Peter -- you're so kind.

wcs -- I didn't know you were from Albany! How cool is that.

Jim - he is quite courageous.

Ur-spo said...

I was glad to see you posting.

Lemuel said...

What a neat experience!