Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Much for the Bargain

So much for the bargain on my free anti-virus software.

Yesterday while searching what I thought to be an innocuous site - a site on maps, can't get more G-rated than that - I got a pop up message that AVG had detected a virus. Not thinking too much of it I closed the browser and ran a scan. It found the virus but when I went to remove it to the vault it wouldn't let me. I then rebooted and another pop up: Trojan virus. I tried to connect to the Internet to research it and slow as a dog - could barely paint a page.

Long story short...I had to take it to the Geek place down the street. For $160 dollars they were able to get me back up and running again. $160! That's nearly half the price of what I paid for this machine in the first place!

I learned my lesson. They were very nice there and recommended Avira, or something, another free virus program. Yet before I download it I'm going to talk to the Internet security guy at work and get his recommendations. I've heard the standard Norton and McAfee aren't very good. What do you all use? And to what success, or not, have you had?

On an indirectly bargain-related note, my company is soon to be rolling out Microsoft Office 2010. Remember how I mentioned, way back, that I wasn't sure about getting it because of the price? Well, I have yet to get it and have still been using the free Beta-version. Anyway, Microsoft has worked out a deal with my company to allow employees to purchase the full professional version of Office which includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, SharePoint, Access and OneNote, for use in the home, not for the $500 retail but, get this...for only $9.95! Talk about a bargain!

Alright, over and out...


Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

I get McAfee through cox cable for free... It has only let me down a couple times... In the future when you re-boot bring up the task manager and watch what is loading, kill anything that refers to AVS or anti-virus anything in the beginning... Most legitimate anti-virus protection software loads up after windows, not before...

Michael Rivers said...

There are so many options. It's all so confusing to me!

Jabacue said...

Hi Rick, we have used both Norton and McAfee. We are using the latter right now and it is problems other than a couple of 'Blue Screens' which don't amount to much. We pay for it on a yearly basis and are pretty satisfied. Watch it go completely viral on us now!
A good deal indeed on Macs new software!! Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

I run Ubuntu Linux so very few viruses are a concern. That's not to say that I don't encounter viruses, I do it's just that they won't run because it's not Windows and the built-in protection in Linux prevent the viruses from ever getting the privileges to do any damage.

As far as Office 2010 goes- what has Office added in the last 15 years that was necessary? My favorite version of Word was v6 (pre 95). Most versions since then I spend so much time fighting with them that I can't produce a decent looking document.

I'm an IT consultant and the most recent Windows/Office combo I've encountered is XP/Office 2003. I use OpenOffice at home and find that I can interact with Office. (BTW, MS is working very hard to make sure OpenOffice can't exchange files with it by modifying its file formats, not to add features but to make it more difficult to produce).

Think about the alternatives to Windows because its using a lot of cpu cycles and memory trying to block wide open doors.

Peter said...

I have Avira, the paid version, and I'm very pleased with it. It even warns me on the site when something is wrong. And daily updates which you don't notice when they're put on your computer.

Anonymous said...

Like Thomas, I get McAfee through Cox cable for free......never had a problem.


Anonymous said...

I use the free version of Norton that comes with Comcast internet. It has always been good to me, but I am diligent about keeping it up to date. One big difference in my internet usage, is that I do NOT use internet explorer. I use Google Chrome...faster, and so far...safer!

wcs said...

I dumped anti-virus software years ago. I found the anti-virus software was just slowing everything down and, like a Bush security alert, made me more afraid than I had reason to be.

Every now and then I'll run spybot or hijackthis and they essentially find nothing more than advert tracking cookies.

Of course, I try to be very careful about opening anything that I'm not sure about.

Now watch, I've probably just jinxed myself all to hell. ;)

tornwordo said...

Are you saying you got a virus from the free anti-virus software? You probably had the virus hiding on your puter before that and the anti-virus saw it and when it tried to move or quarantine it, things went all haywire. Like Walt, I've got nothing but don't open anything unknown nor go to any unknown sites.

Rick said...

@Tom - that's not a bad idea, Comcast (for me) I believe does the same thing. I'll have to look into it.

@Michael - Tell me about it...way too many!

@Jim - blue screen...ugh! Glad yours is working out.

@Anonymous - Linux sounds too technical for me, and besides I like Microsoft products - believe it or not. But thanks for the advice.

@Peter - glad to hear someone is having success with Avira, I'll check it out.

@Grumpy - I'll check out Comast cable. Thanks!

@Anonymous2 - I've been meaning to try Chrome. Thanks for the reminder. I use Firefox now.

@Walt - isn't that like not wearing a seatbelt?

@Tornwordo - No, AVG didn't give me the virus (as far as I can tell). It was from a website. You and Walt are such rebels!

Lemuel said...

Avast! (free home edition) I've used it for years on all my Window-based pc's and have found that it works great. Cost is a yearly "subscription" (registration) - no dollars. Also: download and use Malwarebytes to scan and fix the beast. (Also free).

Lemuel said...

P.S. Norton or McAfee? NO effin' way!

BosGuy said...

I feel your pain w/ the PC problems, but all that disapated when I read you could purchase Office for $10 - that's a fantastic deal. I'ld buy a couple of copies and gift them to friends or family at Christmas time.

Rick said...

@Lemuel -- I'll have to remember the Malwarebytes.

BosGuy -- yeah, MS Office is a pretty good deal. However I can only buy one, home use only and only applicable to two computers. Still a good deal!

CJ/Rick said...

Mercy. It seems I get the same reaction from others when I ask about antivirus protection as I do when I ask about their belief in God. A long a varied response.
I had no problem when using McAfee when I had cable. Now I'm on DSL and had a similar situation as yours with my new computer. I had to go buy a security system and I got Trend Micro IS Pro. No problems yet but it seems to slow everything down.