Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back is Slowly Getting Better...I Think

Yesterday I finally went to see the chiropractor. Sunday I rested and felt much better. I was going to take Monday off had I not but felt really good until...

Monday. Getting in and out of the car - I think that's what's killing me. Sunday I never left the house and lied on the couch most of the day. Yet after driving to and from work Monday, getting in and out to get gas, in and out to take the trash out of the garage and running around the office from meeting to meeting, by the end of the day I was sore. Sleeping is difficult. When I move I have to be careful. Well, by 3 or 4 in the morning I forgot to wake up before moving and ZING! I woke up screaming with a cramp in my lower back. I stretched it out, still went to work but called and got an early morning appointment with the chiropractor. After an hour workout with him, I felt good. He advised me to put heat on it, instead of the ice I had been doing, and gave me some new stretches to help it heal. He thinks it's all muscular.

Last night, didn't sleep well, for I still have to wake up each time I want to move and then slowly change positions. After all, who the hell can sleep in the same position for more than an hour or two? But at least I didn't have any zingers in the middle of the night.

The doctor had his dog at the office. So cute! She was a mix looked like part Golden Retriever and part Shiba Inu. She kept coming in to check on me. When he was showing me the stretches she wouldn't leave us alone, thought we were playing. Two men on the floor with head down and rump in the air which in dog-speak is let's play.

Anyway, trying to take it easy. It is better; at least I'm not walking crooked but slow going.


Lemuel said...

You need to learn dog-speak for "my back is killing me"! :)
I'm glad to hear you are some better. It's horrible when you are in bed and cannot move for the excruciating pain.
I'm just wondering if the doc did any x-rays of your back to see if you have any arthritis complicating the scenario.

Peter said...

Rick, maybe heat thgerapy patches could do the trick. You can use them 24/7.

Take care and don't do sudden movements. [So Chris, no tickling!]

Jabacue said...

Hey Rick, nothing is worse than back problems. The heat sounds like a good help. Coincidence that Ron,hubby, had acupuncture for his back yesterday. It helped a lot. Maybe a consideration for you. Take care.

the cajun said...

My back sends sympathy groans to your back.

So, head on the floor - butt in the air means "play time" huh? ;-)

wcs said...

I hate back pain! Heal...heal...heal.

Rick said...

@Lemuel - Arthritis! Good Lord I hope not! I'm seeing the doc again on Saturday we'll see if x-rays are needed.

@Peter - You know I keep meaning to get those heat therapy pads. Today I'm going to Walgreens...thanks for reminding me.

@Jim - It's getting better but I wouldn't rule out acupuncture if it were to worsen.

@Cajun - I was wondering if anyone was going to say something about that pose. Congratulations!

@WCS - thank you!

Ur-spo said...

stretching, pampering and Motrin !

Charles said...

Take it slow Rick! Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

tornwordo said...

Back pain is the worst. And it always happens for the mundanest of causes. Last time for me it was putting on my socks and ZING. Hope you get right soon, and Bandit too.

Rick said...

@spo - the stretching and pampering has helped!

@Charles - thanks Charles!

@Tornwordo - I hear ya...the craziest of things!