Thursday, October 07, 2010

Early October Update

Just a little mish-mash of an update...

I got rid of my back-up external hard drive that I've had since 2005. I moved all my files to my new laptop and purchased an account with Mozy to do automated back ups. I was tired of having this external box to connect to with all my photos, music files and documents. My laptop holds 2x the size of the old external thing anyway.

I am being interviewed on Friday for my company's Intranet. They want to talk to me about my experience at the global GLBTA (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and allies) meeting.

I'm actually taking Friday off, as a vacation day. So will be calling in to the above. This will make for an especially long Columbus Day weekend.

I've been on a postcard tear lately. I've been on eBay and like bidding on antique postcards. Sunday I spent a good part of the day creating an Access database (with my new Office 2010 suite) to capture all the data. I should have been a database creating databases.

It's been cold, rainy and raw the last couple of days. I still haven't turned on the heat though last night was pretty cold, even Bandit was huddle next to me trying to keep warm. Today supposed to be better and then Friday through the weekend really nice; hence the reason why I'm adding Friday to my time off.

I need a good spat of weather to put down the winter lawn fertilizer. I need a couple of dry days so it doesn't wash away. So I will do on Friday.

My meeting schedule has been light which has been wonderful for I've been able to spend time on getting things done. Not that I don't get things done in meetings it's just now I have some time to focus on the backlog.

Chris has been out straight (well not straight...extremely get the point). His department is short-staffed so he's been working 10-12 hour days. Last night he got home around 8, the night before 7:30. Plus he has to deal with the aggravation of traffic. I don't know how he does it. Me and my 10 minute commute suits me fine!

Bandit is doing well. He's glad to have his dog walker back. The owner felt terrible about the whole ordeal.

Well must get ready for work. Over and out...


Michael Rivers said...

Let us know how you like Mozy. I've been tempted to do that too. I'm always so afraid of loosing everything.

Jabacue said...

Thanks for the update Rick. Good to 'hear' from you. You are one bust dude!

Lemuel said...

Enjoy that long weekend! It was indeed good to see the sun again, but we here at least desperately needed the rain. I am seeing some signs of life again in my yard, but there is a long way to go. It was pleasant enough yesterday to do some long overdue work outside and I worked myself to exhaustion - which does not take that very long for me anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

Postcard collecting? I never thought of that! That would make for a great hobbie. I'm imagining a gigantic coffee table scrapbook full of interesting cards. I may have to look into that, as winter approaches and I'll be spending more time indoors.

Greg said...

Enjoy your time away. Don't think about work or your blog.