Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Non Sequiturs of an Extra Long Columbus Day Weekend

Except for being a bit chilly, I'm enjoying my extra long weekend but cold: It's only 39 degrees outside! It's going to warm up to 60 or so later which isn't bad for the fall. I have yet to turn on the heat. It's only 61 in the house. The cool air makes for a great night sleep but when your up and about it's a bit chilly. I fear I may have to turn up the thermostat soon. I've been enjoying my $20/mos gas bill(cooking and hot water) too much.

Here's a few non sequiturs...

Old Salem Firehouse, Church Street

In a little while, we're heading out to breakfast to meet a friend. We go to the Firehouse. I usually get the full course eggs, pancakes, sausage, toast and home fries. Hold on...before you call me a fatty-patty, I never eat it all, just like to pick. (Grin!) But today I may get an omelet. This is the place where I once wore two different shoes. They've since forgiven me and let me back in.

No major plans on today's agenda. Just to visit Chris' dad (who is doing much better by the way), then to the mall to pick up a few things. I have a gift certificate to PF Chang's. We might go there for dinner, not sure. I've never tried it but heard it was really good.

Tomorrow we're swapping cars. The Honda needs a front-end alignment, or something, so I get the joy of taking it to the dealership and spending my day off waiting for it to be repaired.
I'll bring a good book, my Blackberry and a cup of coffee. Hopefully it won't take too long.

I joined, a financial website that pulls are your financial data in one place. I really like it. It's great way to track expenses and assets. You can see how much your spending from all your accounts, monitor your investments, set financial goals and easily see your net worth.

On the subject of websites, I'm also liking my subscription to Mozy. I now have 11 GB of data backed-up on a remote server. Now if my laptop crashes (God forbid) I can easily restore my files. I used to, as I mentioned before, put everything on an external hard drive. But that thing was over five years old and was more likely to crash than any of the computers. For $54 a year it's worth it.

Alright, till next time...


Jason, as himself said...

I'm not typically a breakfast eater, but his breakfast sounds yummy! I hope you enjoyed your "picking."

Lemuel said...

I don't know! Readmitting you after you wore two different shoes to the place? Have they no standards?! :-D

tornwordo said...

I went to PF Changs once. Meh. It's chinese food, I don't know what I was expecting. That sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out.

CJ/Rick said...

Oh man, I wish it were 61 degrees in my house. I do hope you're enjoying that. But I do know you get tired of the cold in your area. I try and go all winter without heat but since most plumbing is in the attic I have to give in when it gets reaaly cold.
Enjoy your weekend.

Greg said...

P.F. Chang's is good, maybe a little over-rated. And breakfast at the Firehouse sounds good. Now if there were any firemen hanging around, it would be the place to go.

Ur-spo said...

I luv nonsequitor blog entries !

Rick said...

@Jason - It is very yummy but I opted not to get the pancakes this time...too many carbs!

@Lemuel - apparently I'm only accepted at the low rent places.

@Tornwordo- we never did make it to PF Changs. The gift certificate will have to wait. Check out Mint, it's pretty cool.

@CJ/Rick - lucky you! All winter!

@Greg - there's a business angle for a "hot" new restaurant.

@Spo - aren't they fun?

Jabacue said...

I'm definitely going to check out Mozy....hope you can get it in Canada! If we have a 'crash' we're in BIG trouble. Thanks for the tip!

Rick said...

Jim - you should be able to get in Canada. If not try Carbonite...similar program.