Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out with Friends and Then Some

Last night saw me with friends at the local pub getting grub. I always get the steak tips. They're so good. It was quiet there.
Normally when we go there's a game on tv and it's packed. Last night they were showing classic Bruins on NESN (New England Sports Channel). It didn't draw much of a crowd which was fine for us. We got our favorite table and kibitzed about the economy, politics and other things friends discuss when there's good company and a pitcher of beer.

While yesterday was busy today's schedule doesn't look as bad which should allow me to spend time working my list of to-dos. Like a lot of us, I have so much on my plate that it can get overwhelming. I'm reading an organizational book to help me process, review, prioritize and execute more effectively. My work has shifted from managing a bunch of big projects to now working on literally hundreds of little ones and few medium sized ones. It's the same type of work just on a different scale. It involves different execution and organizational approaches.

As co-chair of the GLBTA community we got approval to host a GLBT Awareness Day. We'll be having several events throughout a day in November; the biggest of which is a a talk from the senior executive we met at the corporate meeting. It should be a great day.

It's been getting colder. The next couple of days won't be going much past 50.
After my blog post on Sunday I decided enough was enough and turned on the heat. Oh turning back now till spring.

As far as Chris' car went, it was about $700 worth of work: battery, oil change, rotors, brake pads etc. Also we found out the tires we put on the Honda a year and a half ago are already worn to the point where they should be replaced. That's another $700 or 800. Cars are expensive. The Volvo (knock on wood) has been running fine. Hopefully my tires, which will be two years old in January, will make it through the winter. "They don't make 'em like they used to."

Alright, gotta hit the shower.


A Lewis said...

It is definitely THAT time of year....the cooler days and cold nights. I sort of like it. And I'm in total love with local, neighborhood pubs. As for the new tires after only 1 1/2 years...something is wrong. Even the cheapest of tires are guaranteed for at least 30,000 miles or more. I'd get them replaced for free under warranty, perhaps....

Lemuel said...

The trip to the shop for inspection for my VW baby cost me nearly $700 after some shop rebates. I had to replace the struts and the headlights, but after nearly 90K I was okay with it.

Ur-spo said...

we play a game called 'how late can we turn on the heat?" last year we stalled it to January. We get cheap that way.