Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in a Nut Shell

Here's a quick little recap of my weekend...

First off Friday afternoon, a former student of mine (when I used to teach Special Ed) took me out to lunch. He had found me on Facebook. The last time I saw him he was he's 30! It was so strange to see him - that was a life time ago. He wanted to thank me for all I did for him and picked up the tab. I was moved.

Friday night we had Upper Crust delivered - love that place! Large garden veggie with Italian sausage, plus tip...$28. Not cheap.

Saturday afternoon while doing other errands, I lost my frequent user-card for the dry cleaners. Pissed! It must have fallen out of my back pocket. 20 stamps and you get $10 off. I think I had about 5 on it.

We bought a new kitchen set. It will be delivered at the end of the month. This will replace the bistro set I've had since 2000 whose wicker chairs are about to fall apart. The new one is much higher with bar-like stools.

Bandit saw the dog walker coming for the next door neighbor's dog - and not him. He was mad. When I opened the door he ran out and jumped inside her car; she often takes him for rides to the dog park. I had to coax him out with a cookie.

My nephew had a heart "episode" on Saturday. The doctor's aren't sure if it was a heart attack for they saw no blockages on the CAT scan but he had chest pains and numbness on his left side. Duh...sounds like a heart attack to me. He's fine now. Personally I think it's all the energy drinks and supplements he takes. He's lost 65 pounds but that's with 5 Monster drinks a day for the stamina to run on the treadmill.

Found a new delicious dive called Tracksides. It's definitely not a drive-by. I've seen it many times and was always hesitant to go in but finally after being persuaded by numerous compliments, we decided to try it. They serve authentic Portuguese food. I had a filet mignon on a bed of seafood rice. I thought the rice would have a little bit of fish in it. It was loaded with mussels, clams and lobster - on top a delicious filet topped off with two jumbo shrimp. Fantastic!

Yesterday my niece's dog got hit by a car yesterday. The dog is fine - a little mangled but nothing broken and no internal damage.

Last night we just chilled. Celebrated the Patriots beating Baltimore with a delicious dinner of salmon, quinoa and vegetables. Then off to bed early to start off the new week.


Peter said...

Phew! That's a full weekend for the both of you.

I feel sorry for Bandit, that the dog walker didn't come for him this time, on the other hand he got a cookie instead. ;)

A Lewis said...

I agree with Peter -- that's quite the weekend! I can't imagine seeing someone at age 30 after not seeing them since 10.....
And I feel badly for the pooch but thank god he is fine.

Jabacue said...

I knew there was something about you familiar.....I was a 'special ed' teacher as well....for many years. Sounds like you worked with learning disabled? Not academically challenged. Must have felt great that your ex student was thankful for what you did. Good for you Rick!

wcs said...

Go Pats!

Maddog said...

That's an insane weekend. Glad for the most part everyone is okay.

CJ/Rick said...

Sounds like a busy and fun weekend.
It's amazing what a cookie can do.
Brady looked so fine,as usual.

Lemuel said...

busy weekend!
I loved the story about Bandit getting excited at the sight of his walker.
I'm sorry to hear of your nephew's health issues. I hope he will not have another.
It was also nice to read of your former student's gesture to thank you. It says good things about him and about you.

Rick said...

@Peter - as always a full weekend.

@Arnie - the dog's doing much better.

@Jim - learning and behavior disorders

@WCS -- yes they won!

@Maddog -- faring well.

CJ/Rick -Brady is looking good, liking the longer hair.

@Lemuel - thanks for your concerns

Greg said...

That was only a weekend?? Sounds like an entire week in that post. I'm glad your niece's dog is ok.

Ur-spo said...

I would be fit to be tied if my dog was hit. I hope the pooch is okay.

Rick said...

@Greg - yes, all in one weekend. This weekend should be lighter.

@Spo - I would be too.