Saturday, October 02, 2010

What's Going On

Derby Street Summer House (Peabody Essex Museum)

I may have overreacted: The other day I fired my dog walker but then later hired her back.

Bandit's regular walkers were on vacation so the owner of the service had a new one come to take Bandit for his afternoon work whilst I was at the office. Well, apparently she dropped a piece of paper with detailed instructions, including the security code, on how to work our alarm system. I found it on my front lawn when I came home.

Needless to say I was very upset. I sent an email to the owner which apparently took her away from her vacation plans for her to explain, at my request, her security policy on storing and sharing such codes. Long story short, I was satisfied with her storage policy and will provide her a new visitor's code.  Accidents do happen.

What else?

Oh, I decided to go with the Avira virus protection. So far so good. For now I’m going with the free version but am not ruling out the premium upgrade after 30 or so days.

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been up since 4:15. I know…crazy! I’m loving my new Office 2010 suite. I have Outlook again! I haven’t used it for my personal email since I left my sister’s house. I like to use Outlook as a notepad of sorts to type up blog posts, such as I’m doing now, and then copy and paste into Blogger.

Yesterday was our anniversary; though, we’re celebrating it today. We’re going to the museum to see either the new Treasures from the Forbidden City exhibit or the Historic Houses through the PEM (Peabody Essex Museum) - not sure we'll be able to do both.  At night over to my favorite 62 again (recall I went there for my birthday a few weeks ago) for a drink and an appetizer at the bar and then to The Grapevine for dinner.  We couldn't decide which of these two fantastic restaurants to go to so decided to do a bit of both.

Bandit had his biannual comprehensive exam and got a clean bill of health. I dropped him off Friday morning and then picked him up on my way home from work. He wasn’t too happy that he had to be there all day but they said he was a good boy and played well with the staff. They love to play ball with him and I got a babysitter out of the deal.

Well that’s it. We have a bunch of errands to get in this morning, another reason why I’m up so early. I'll leave you with a video clip of some of Boston's best eats, of which The Grapevine is mentioned.


Peter said...

Rick & Chris,
Congratulations on your anniversary!

How many years again?

Jason, as himself said...

Happy anniversary!

I use Outlook at work and it is nice to have it all in one spot!

Jabacue said...

Don't stay out too late guys! But make sure you have lots of fun!!!!
Good to hear that Bandit is alright.

Ur-spo said...

I too wish you too well !

tornwordo said...

Our house came with an alarm system. Four years later and we still don't know how to work it, lol. Happy Anniversary guys.

Rick said...

4 years Peter!

Thanks all!

HyunChard said...

How about planning on organic food delivered to every doors? What ya think? Just asking.

Mike said...

Ok -- you've convinced me. It's time to drive "all the way" from Southie up to the North Shore to the Peabody Essex Museum. We've been talking about checking out the new exhibit for some time, and now that the weather is turning a little cooler, it's perfect time for museum strolling. Are Saturday and Sundays too crowded - better off on a weeknight?