Monday, November 29, 2010

The Annual Thanksgiving Trek

We got back from Florida 2 a.m. Sunday. I slept a bit on the plane but you know how that can be - not good for my still-healing back. It felt good to be sleep in my own bed. Though I must say our accommodations, staying at a friend of the family's vacation home, was very comfortable.

My brother's best friend from high school bought a place down there. She and her husband have a beautiful three bedroom, 2 bath home with a screened-in, built-in swimming pool - not too shabby. They only go down there a few times a year. It's about 10 minutes from my mother. She likes to have family and friends stay there to give it some use which helps us out for my mother's place is cramped and getting a hotel can be costly.

So the low down of our southern getaway goes as such...

We flew into Jacksonville, Florida on Tuesday, picked up the rental (a 2011 Nissan Altima...better than the Chevy Aveo we were going to get) and headed south. My Mom was so excited to see us. I hadn't seen her since last Thanksgiving. (Which reminded me that I need to get down more often.) My brother was still working. We talked for a bit and then headed out to a favorite haunt for a quick bite. My brother and his boyfriend later met us there. After dinner we headed back to where we were staying, caught up with each other some more and then went to bed early. (Nothing new, we always go to bed early...doesn't change even on vacation.)

Wednesday we spent a good part of the day by my mom's pool. Her pool is heated and even though it was 88 degrees out the water at the house pool was too chilly. It was nice to relax. My mom made a fabulous dinner for us all. We sat around and did family things.

The Family at Halifax
Thursday while Chris watched the Patriots, I played Scrabble with my mother. she's not a football fan: "I can never follow the ball." I bet the pants off her. Quad, ozone and a couple of double words clinched the deal. We then went to Halifax Plantation restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. They had a wonderful buffet spread: turkey, prime rib, pork, salmon, with all the fixings and a great salad bar with a seafood salad that was to die for. They also had a slew of desserts of which I sampled just about all, just one bite each. Oh, and as we were leaving I bumped into a lady from work who retired and moved near my mother. Small world.

I should also mentioned before I got to pick up the tab my nephew, back here in Boston, phoned ahead and paid for it all. He recently won $50,000 on a scratch ticket and while I told him he should use it for his own good, he's been very generous.

After dinner we headed over to JC's, my brother's boyfriend's place. He was having his family over for dinner. We were then treated to more pie: I opted for ice water. That was all I could fit in. We got to meet all his relatives who were a hoot. Nice time.

Friday took us to the annual Turkey Run, a classic car show at the Daytona International Speedway. Here I got to see some of the old VW Beetles that I'd like to get. My brother and JC were eying Thunderbirds.

Rick and a Bug

JC and Donnie with their T-Birds
Friday night I treated everyone to a night out at Martin's, my mother's favorite restaurant. Chris and I enjoyed a full cut prime rib. We could have split one. They were so big there was enough left over to feed a small family. Good God!

We then went back to Mom's and watched The New Daughter, a suspense thriller with Kevin Costner. My mother loves horror films and this one had enough fast-cuts and scary sequences to literally make us jump in our seats. I actually screamed out loud at one point which then scared everyone even more. It was all good fun. Though I was scared driving back, in the dark, to the place we were staying.

After all that we headed back late Saturday. With tearful goodbyes and plans to get together next year we drove off into the sunset.

Sunset over Florida


Peter said...

Rick, I'm glad you had a good time at home with your Mum, brother and BF's.

Who would have known your mother would end up with four men after you and your bro left the house...

Just wonder who came out first?

A Lewis said...

Altima any day over Aveo. No contest.

sophie...^5 said...

Nothing scary in this house because the screams disturb the neighbors and they complain...just teasing...I hide under the bed and wag my tail! Just ask Jim at Ocean Breezes!

Jabacue said...

'Sophie doesn't know what she's talking about!!
Rick, sounds like a good time was had in Florida with your Mom. Very nice nephew you generous!!!

Charles said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Florida.

Ur-spo said...

I am glad to hear it was a good holiday for you.

Rick said...

@Peter - actually came out at the same time, but that's a topic for another day.

@Arnie - So glad we chose the Altima...felt safer on the I-95 with all the trucks.

@Sophie - Bandit says similar things...funny.

@Jim - you may want to keep your dog in check. They can ruin your reputation. : )

@Charles - we certainly did

@Spo - Thanks!

tornwordo said...

That's my excuse for not watching hockey. Can't they put a light on the puck? Glad you had a nice visit with the family.

Rick said...

@Tornwordo - actually they should do that with all sports. I admit even with football I sometimes lose sight of the ball.

Greg said...

Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving break.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pix! Now THAT seems like a fun holiday. I, too, took the trek home to visit the family for 'Bird Day'...and survived.

Now, it's all about Christmas...strike up the glam!

CJ/Rick said...

Did you bring some of that prime rib back for Bandit? What?
Sounds like a great time. Glad you made it home safely.

Rick said...

CJ/Rick - Bandit would have loved that prime rib bone however last time I did that he cracked a tooth and cost me $2,000. So it went in the trash.