Monday, November 01, 2010

Back to Normal: Halloween is Over

Mad Hatter in Salem (photo credit:

Friday our new kitchen table was delivered. It looks nice, much higher than the other and the table wider. It's nice to be able to spread out the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Saturday morning I had what I'm hoping will be my last chiropractic appointment. My back is much better, almost "back to normal", except for just a little bit of tightness now and again. We made another appointment for Wednesday but I'm thinking of canceling, unless it worsens. Hopefully not!

After my appointment we went out for breakfast, then to Walmart, tried the new AJ Wright and got some reasonably priced bric-a-brac: a replacement for the soap dispenser that I broke, only $6.99 and much better than the short-lived $20 one; a new casserole pan for $5.99; some underwear, slightly imperfect but who cares, for only $3.99 and other stuff. After that off to Market Basket for the weekly grocery shopping. I was so excited, pasta on sale for a dollar and I had two $1 off coupons - I love free!

Later in the afternoon we had guests over; we roamed the streets of Salem and checked out all the sites. I just like to see all the people dressed up. I've got a bunch of pictures and will post one of these days.

I love Salem on Halloween but now that it's over it's nice too. Over the years, the marketing of Haunted Happenings has increased tenfold. Festivities used to just be for the week Halloween landed but now it's the entire month of October. Even in September we get folks. On one hand I don't mind: it's great for business and the city's change purse but on the other hand the crowds are incredible; they estimate up to 100,000 people a day. It call it the Disney World of Halloween. That's why I always look forward to November 1st.

While we ventured out Saturday the highlight was of course yesterday: concerts, amusement park rides (well that's been all month), ghost tours, costume balls and finally fireworks. We stayed in and handed out treats, only got 9 kids.

After watching the Patriots beat Minnesota, Chris watched scary movies. I lit our first fire of the season and grimaced through Dawn of the Dead remakes. I don't like horror flicks. Before heading off to bed, I was able to watch the Halloween fireworks from my great room window.

Ah, blessed November...


Jabacue said...

You didn't watch the World Series? TSK, tsk! lol
Holy cow, all those people in little Salem! Must be really nice as you said after it's all over.
Good to hear the chiro worked Rick. Ron is debating to go too....low back has been acting up for 2 weeks now! He needs a push!
Have a great week.We got our stove/heater going too (gas) nice.

A Lewis said...

Yeah, so, I'm not a scary movie person...and we started to watch one last night. I had to turn it off. And I had TWO bad dreams last night. Ugh.
As for Portland, the only deal here is that you never know if what people are wearing is actually a Halloween costume or not. It seems to go on daily around here.....the weird, the strange.
How about yoga?

Greg said...

We ventured out to see a play, then watched The Walking Dead. After that, we went to bed. No trick-or-treaters (they couldn't make it past the gate to our apartment complex) so it was a very uneventful and relaxing Halloween.

Ur-spo said...

I find it amazing Salem's witch merchandizing, considering what happened there; the puritans must be rolling over in their graves; in a way though it is pleasing, the irony of it all.

Lemuel said...

I'm with you. I'm glad November is here. It seems for weeks all the TV channels were running something about ghosts or hell or similar theme.
Better to know that your back is healing. Be careful.
And, of course, there's nothing better than a sale when the price is lower than the last time one bought it.