Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Halloween Fun

I finally got around to getting our Halloween pictures downloaded, thought I'd share. Chris loves walking around and asking if people will have their picture taken with him.

Chris and the Retired Hooters
The above was one of my favorites, the retired hooters girls. They were a funny group, excited to get their picture taken and getting hoots and hollers from the crowd. What a great idea.

Chris with Friday the 13th

I guess this was Friday the 13th. I can't keep track of all these movie monsters and I'm not sure who the girl was supposed to be - a damsel in distress?

Chris with Michael Meyers
This is Chris favorite picture. He loves all these crazy horror flicks.

Alice in Wonderland Characters
Alice in Wonderland was popular. There were quite a few Mad Hatters and Queens meandering about.

80s Big Hair Big Package

The picture above was my favorite. You can't really tell from this angle but they had what looked like a cucumber, or some rather large protrusion, in their leotards.

Super Mario and Exposed Bum
Super Mario was a cutie. The girl with the bum was funny. You can't see it but there was a guy dressed in 70s attire with a boom box on his shoulders and they were all dancing to disco music.

Back at the House
After a couple of hours walking the streets of Salem we went back to the house for refreshments.

Chris and Rick in the Kitchen
We dressed up like a gay couple. Pretty convincing.


Mark said...

You two make a Fabulous "Gay Couple". You should go like that all year round.
Your Friend, m.

Jabacue said...

Now that looks like a HAPPY couple!

Peter said...

You could have fooled me 'dressed up like a gay couple?!'

So who are those two straights next to you? ;)

Greg said...

That retired Hooters pic is the best!

Michael Rivers said...

Very fun pictures!!! Thanks for sharing.

Ur-spo said...

jolly good fun !

Jason, as himself said...

Now these were some GREAT pics. My favorite, though, was Chris and Rick in the Kitchen. By far.

Those retired Hooters girls are hysterical!

Did somebody say large protrusion?

wcs said...

Adorable! Looks like a good time was had.

Rick said...

@Mark - what and break my butch image?

@Jim - Thanks...very happy!

@Peter - not straight...good friends.

@Greg - it's too funny!

@Michael - enjoyed posting them.

@Spo - fun indeed

@Jason - very large!

@wcs - a very good time.

Lemuel said...

Great pictures!
Convincing outfits (you and Greg)! :)
Among the others I think I like Super Mario the best.

Rick said...

@Lemuel - Greg? Super Mario is cute.

Lemuel said...

Oops! My bad! (not surprisingly)
I could plead that I was trying to "mix it up a bit", but I think pleading "brain fart" is far more honest.
My sincere apologies to Chris (and to you) and to "Greg" whoever he may be!

Rick said...

@Lemuel -- LOL! No biggie.