Thursday, November 04, 2010


Remember the post I wrote on Monday, saying how my back was doing better? And how I was thinking about canceling my chiropractic appointment for Wednesday? I spoke to soon. Monday morning walking into the office, I reached into my briefcase, which was slung over my right shoulder, to get my security badge and ZING!

I suffered through the day as well as Tuesday but took off yesterday and am home again today. This sucks! I can sit, stand or lie in one position for too long. It's actually quite boring.

Anyway, enough of my problems.

Oh, just found out I won the PowerBall! The jackpot was $104MM and I get to take home a piece of it. Three bucks. Hey, it's better than nothing. Maybe I'll go for a walk today and cash it in. Walking seems to be the only good thing for my back.


tornwordo said...

I hate that ZING! It makes me cringe because I know what that guitar string pluck feels like. Get better!

Lemuel said...

Take it easy. Rest. I hope I'm wrong, but you seem to be describing my back since 1995. I hope you are young enough that it will heal.

Peter said...

Darn, I really hoped things would work out fine.
Let Bandit come on those walks, or does he prefer the dog-walker?

Ur-spo said...

I am sorry about your back; it is a slow mend, alas.

Jabacue said...

Rick, too bad it came back! No pun intended!
Ron has been using ice packs then heat. Seems to ease the pain.
Walking just may strengthen your back....ask the chiro. Good luck.

Vương Tử Trực said...

Take care!

Mark said...

I see you in a different light now that you have money...
My back acts up too. And when I'm doing the dumbest things, like, breathing.
Your Friend, m.

BosGuy said...

So sorry to read about your back. Can an appt w/ a masseur help alleviate the discomfort?

Charles said...

Take it easy!

Rick said...

@Tornwordo - ZING went the string of my back!

@Lemuel - I'm sending myself healing thoughts...actually do much better (knock on wood).

@Peter - Bandit's pulling on his leash doesn't help much, but he has been going with.

@Spo - Slow but surely

@Jim - strength is important

@Vuong - Thank you!

@Mark - I haven't let my winnings go to my head.

@BosGuy - I'm too ticklish!

@Charles - thanks man!

CJ/Rick said...

It's amazing how little things can trigger an episode. Not heavy lifting. I know gentle walking is good for your back from my own experience after the initial trauma. Laying around only allows it to get more stiff and sore.
I'm not big on meds but Motrin is the only over the counter drug that has ever helped me make it through the day when I'm suffering.
Good luck and get well soon.

Rick said...

@CJ/Rick - I not one for lying around. I have yet to try Motrin but I think it's the same as Aleve though.