Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

A few wind gusts short is technically keeping the Boston area from calling this past Sunday into Monday's storm a blizzard. There are three (or four) critical requirements that meteorologists look to fulfill. I'm not going to get into them; you can look them up if you care. But to me this storm was a blizzard. My definition... anything that drops over a foot of snow and grinds everything to a halt makes the cut.  This storm was classic.

When you have to shovel to get out of the house. Blizzard.

Shovel to Get "Out" of the House

Like he does every morning, Bandit ran to the backdoor to go out. It wouldn't budge.
Bandit Unable to Get Out Backdoor

I had to shovel a spot for him off the front porch to pee right there. He looked to me as if needing approval then went.

The plow went down our little street only once. And that was my neighbor who happens to have a plow.  If it weren't for him we'd still be snowed in.  Being in an isolated part of town has it's benefits but when it comes to public services not so much.

The Snow Blower Parked between the Cars

Snow Piled on the Deck
After three or four hours of blowing and shoveling the decks, driveway and other areas all was clear enough to venture out. Seeing that even Chris' company shut down (as did mine which didn't matter because I'm on vacation anyway) he was able to help out.

Chris with Bandit in Tow
Salem is so picturesque, especially after fresh fallen snow. It's not often I take the camera out for a walk but since it's my new Christmas present (Sony Cyber-Shot 14.1 megapixels...score!) I decided to give it a test run.

House on the Common

The Hawthorne Hotel on the Left

Roger Conant Statue

The Salem Witch Museum

Snow Covered Brown Street, Salem

All said and done, Salem got about 18 inches of snow. Luckily it wasn't the real heavy stuff. Still I call it a blizzard.

Oh, on and unrelated note, I thought I'd share one final picture with you. I snapped this on Christmas day during our party. I didn't even see Bandit in the frame till after I downloaded the pictures and was sorting through. I cropped it to better frame him.  I thought it was adorable; Bandit dressed up in his new Patriot's shirt (one of his Christmas presents) trying to act like a big boy.  "Hey, don't forget about us short people down here."

Bipedal Bandit Trying to Participate in the Christmas Party


Jabacue said...

Rick, that WAS a blizzard!!! At least by Nova Scotia standards it was. We, along the coast, had a 'rain-event' while the rest of the Maritimes had a ton of snow.
Salem looks like a very quaint town with lots of history. Great 'Sony' shots by the way!
Bandit did it again.....too cute for words.

A Lewis said...

Oh Lordy. Ahh, he's so cute up on his hind legs...just dying to be a part of the party!

Jason, as himself said...

Wow! And beautiful! And burrrrrrr!

I didn't realize you lived in Salem before this post.

What a great post.

Peter said...

It's good you 3 guys had a blast, at the party. The blizzard was a whole other story, hope you have enough food and booze in the house.

RG said...

When it was all said and done, we got a little over a foot of snow in Roslindale. And sure, it's great fun for my dog....:)

Lemuel said...

oh, that Bandit picture (on his hind legs) is so cute!
I recall winters at our former home during which I had to shovel a spot near the door for our dogs to go out. At first they were not so sure, but desperation got the best of them in the end.
We were in the western part of our state and heard horror forecasts for our area, but when we returned yesterday there was hardly anything. We were on the extreme edge of this one.
I always liked to think of such storms as the universe's way of telling me to slow down and just appreciate life.
I hope you are faring well.

Ron said...

Just discovered your blog. Nice. We had a blizzard down here (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) too. When the winds gusts up to 50 MPH and the snow comes down horizontally, that's a blizzard to me.
Your Bandit is very cute. Reminds me of our dear departed Poms. Nice pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

the cajun said...

The photos are amazing, but the best is the last, Bandit on Christmas day. That's priceless. How could you have missed him when framing the shot?

I got between 12 and 14 inches of (thankfully) powder, but that's little comfort when dealing with the aftermath.

Be warm and well and have a Happy New Year.

Ur-spo said...

those are impressive photos!
Right now, AZ is being hit by a storm; the southern part is soaked in rain; the northen part gets 15 inches tonight.

Rick said...

@Jim - you're lucky you just got rain

@Arnie - he's just loves to be in the midst of it all

@Jason - it's beautiful when it first comes down...then forget it!

@Peter - eating left overs for days!

@RG - it's hard to walk around, sidewalks aren't shoveled

@Lemuel - it was more a coastal storm

@Ron - glad you stopped by...come back for more!

@Cajun - the powder is much easier to deal with

@Spo - thanks...keep dry!

Anonymous said...

Just returned home and to my computer. Had missed last blogs--but wanted to thank you for all the pix. You have a great home, and I enjoyed the Village Hodgepodge.

I'm in Oklahoma, but your blizzard (it was) was terrible. Glad your fine.

Rick said...

@Anonymous - glad you enjoyed the pictures, happy new year!

Stew said...

Poor Bandit! He could make a tunnel to go out.

CJ/Rick said...

That is so beautiful, from a distance. Really quite impressive. Bandit out in the snow in the middle of the road. Poor baby. What a cutie.
Thanks for sharing those great photos.