Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting (Some) Things Done

I could write an entry about the last couple of days, journal like, but I don't have all that much to share. (Yesterday was just a run of the mill Saturday doing errands and I've already caught you up on my Christmas shopping.)

So what to write about, you ask? Plans.

I like dreaming (cause dreaming can make you mine) and thinking about the future (but being careful not to live in it..for we all know here is now blah...blah...blah). On the short-term list of random things to do, here we go...
  • Want to see The Black Swan - heard it was really good.  And while we're on the subject of movies I also want to see Burlesque and Harry Potter 7.
  • Need to download the iTunes app.  I haven't update my iPod in almost a year and since I got my new laptop I've yet to download any songs.
  • Car needs an oil change, new headlight (driving with "one headlight") and a couple of other things.  I've been delaying because I'm sure this is all going to cost be a couple hundred dollars.
  • Order firewood.  We haven't ordered any yet this season and used up last season's second cord a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday we bought a couple of bundles at Home Depot and already used them up. 
  • Update my postcard database.  I'm such a geek.  Not only do I love collecting early 20th century postcards, I also love databases.  With my new Office 2010 software I created an Access database and have already spent hours tweaking tables, creating forms and writing queries -- geek!!!!
  • Rick's Little List of Things to Do
  • Finish my book.  I've been reading it far too long (since Thanksgiving) for a quick read.  It's really good and I only have 30 or so pages left it's just that they only time I have to read is before bed time and I fall right to sleep.
  • Read this book, which I picked up at the used book store for $1.99.  
Okay now that we've gotten that out of the way let's move over to the more long term...
  • Become a coupon queen king.  Maximize savings like my fabulous buy last week using coupons and leveraging sales, I spent $.11 (yes, eleven cents) and got over $8 worth of food.
  • Publish my novel.  Been working on this one for awhile. I'm tired of talking about and am committed to just doing it.
  • Become fabulously wealthy.  My $7 (yes, seven dollars!) Mega-millions lottery winnings is a start.
  • Create world peace.  My $25 donation to the Salvation Army is a step in the right direction.  Oh, and I threw in $.98 into a red bucket yesterday. You create your own kettle here. Or by simply throwing in some change into a red bucket in your own area.
    Alright, that's enough drivel for the day.


    Jason, as himself said...

    I was a coupon king for a long time, and then...I got tired of it. But I saved a lot of money.

    Brrrr. Your talking about firewood makes me cold.

    You have a postcard database? Wow! Interesting hobby, too.

    If you need any suggestions in updating your ipod, I'd be happy to provide some!

    Sean said...

    You might want to rethink the Salvation Army. They are very homophobic. In addition to their normal hateful policies, they recently made the news for refusing coats a gay organization had collected to donate.

    Also, they are throwing out all donated Harry Potter toys (all new) and won't even give them to other organizations because that would be promoting witchcraft blah, blah, blah.

    Peter said...

    The Salvation Army is a wrong cause, too homophobic! The Ali Forney Center in New York needs all the help they can get. They help LGBT youth living on the streets [because they got kicked-out by their 'loving' parents who found out their kid is Gay or LBT]

    Donate to them:

    wcs said...

    Hey! Becoming fabulously wealthy is on my list, too!

    Rick said...

    @Jason - maybe I can get tips from the for king

    @Sean - didn't know about Salvation Army - thanks for the heads up

    @Peter - LGBT youth is certainly a good cause, I will check it out

    @wcs - when I achieve I'll be sure to visit France to stop by and say hi

    Nancy said...

    I appreciate your style of blogging. I learnt a lot from your post. Keep it up!!

    This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

    tornwordo said...

    I am the coupon king! The trick is never to use the coupon until the coupon item is already on sale. It's how I got those pizzas not just free, but made .50 each on the deal. (Bought other things so the cashier wouldn't notice that though, ha!)

    Rick said...

    @Nancy - thanks, be sure to stop by again.

    @Torn - always with sales!

    Greg said...

    Coupons are a wonderful invention. We use them A LOT.

    We plan on seeing Black Sawn, too. Looks like an incredible movie.

    CJ/Rick said...

    I'd like to see those movies as well.
    Dang have I got firewood. Not much use here in southeast Texas in my opinion. I did use some in the pit outside last weekend but now in the 80's again.