Friday, December 10, 2010

P.F. Chang's and Shopping

Last night Chris and I had a date at the mall. We met up after work to do some shopping. It wasn't as crowded as I had imagined but seeing that we were there around dinner time and that it was a Thursday I guess it was expected.

We went to stores I didn't even know existed. The mall has changed so much since I was a kid. I used to hang around there all the time. Now you wouldn't even recognize it. Chris' goddaughter wanted clothes from all the "cool" shops. She's a teenager now so Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostle and the like was were it was at. I felt so old being waited on by kids and asking questions like, "is there a store called Pink?" And, "what are yoga pants?"

After trudging through the kid stores and a stop, for myself, at Macy's to get a couple of Lenox tree ornaments, a tradition, we were off to P.F. Chang's for dinner. I had never been there. The food was delicious! They had a to-die-for banana spring roll dessert with coconut ice cream. I had a couple of bites and that was it. I was so full and besides well over my caloric intake for the day.

Only one more week of work and I'm off for the rest of the year!


Jabacue said...

That banana dessert sounds oh so good! It's only 8:30 AM and I'm thinking desserts....thanks Rick!
Yes, nieces and nephews can keep us on our toes as far as trends go. Remember when we were their age?
Have a great weekend.

tornwordo said...

Sorry but the dessert sounds gross! Can't wait for next Friday either, I'm off for a month!

wcs said...

I've never been to PF Chang's. There's one in Albany, right next to the Cheesecake Factory. In the mall, of course.

Ur-spo said...

I too have never been to Mr. Chang's place. I see them in Scottsdale - I should drop in and ask for his banana sweet.

Rick said...

@Jim - what would we do w/o that younger generation...I'd still be wearing my Jordache

@Torn - So now I know how you lost weight

@wcs - Ours is next to a Cheesecake Factory too...they must be in cohoots!

@Spo - it is certainly yummy!

A Lewis said...

I am not a fan of chain restaurants...including PF Changs. But, honestly, their garlic snow peas and green beans (or is it asparagus???) are amazing!

Rick said...

@Arnie - they do have good dishes, despite it being a chain.

CJ/Rick said...

We have one that opened recently here in Sugar Land. I might have to check it out now.
I haven't been in a mall for so long. Everyone on my list wants cash and has for years.
I know you're looking forward to that time off.

sophie...^5 said...

Bandit can't wait for all that 'me' time with you guys! Can really understand that need! Enjoy!

Nancy said...

A date at the mall sounds great!! Your post tells how much you enjoyed. Keep posting!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News