Saturday, December 04, 2010

Short Post: Happy Weekend!

I don't have too much to say but felt like putting a post out there. The weather's been getting colder, the daylight much shorter. The landscaper finally came and took away all the leaves. I was surprised to see that there was green grass underneath. Luckily we've yet to have any snow though I'm sure that won't escape us much longer. My friends in upstate New York and even in France have not been so lucky.

My plans? This morning running a couple of errands whilst Chris gets his monthly massage. (Go figure. Not quite sure how I drew that card.)

Tonight off to the theatre and dinner. We're seeing Sister's Christmas Catechism, a holiday comedy. Dinner will be at Gaetano's, a wonderful little Italian restaurant in Stoneham.

Tomorrow shall see the Christmas tree going up. I also might do some Christmas shopping around town, though I did most of it online, at LL Bean, the other day.

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Lemuel said...

Hmmm. Maybe I should start ordering from LLBean. It appears that they are unique in expressing their customer appreciation, although I'd prefer the light blue in male. ;)

Jabacue said...

Hey Rick! You know my 'popular' posts are those in which I have 'not much to say'. Think this should tell me something?
Have a great weekend.

Peter said...

Rick, enjoy your weekend with a 'relaxed' Chris and Bandit.

BTW what is she holding in her hands?

Jason, as himself said...

LLBean? I had no idea it was this kind of a company.

I need to have a "monthly massage" too.

wcs said...

Have a good one. Our snow should be gone within 24 hours. Rain coming in. I frequently want to order what's wearing the clothes in the LL Bean catalog, and not the clothes themselves, but I can never find the sizes or prices for those!

Rick said...

@Lemuel - I'll take him too.

@Jim - it seems the preference is less reading, more pictures

@Peter - if you click on it to enlarge it is revealed!

@Jason - you just never know

@wcs - I actually prefer snow to rain this time of year...enjoy your LL Bean searching

tornwordo said...

Even with the reveal, it sure seems like the thermos is phallically placed, lol. And spewing forth, double lol.

johnmichael said...

I remember the time when we would have to really order LL Bean thru the mail or on the phone. Wow, am I that old?
I still have a backpack from college from LL Bean and it has lasted through the years, still looking pretty new.

Rick said...

@Torn - It's at least 12 inches!

@JohnMichael - I too remember mailing in my order. LL Bean and Lands' End were my favorites.

CJ/Rick said...

Well I have yet to put a tree up. I need to get motivated. I too done much shopping online. It is so easy but not as festive.

Will said...

The weather's raw cold and very windy up here in Nouveau Hampshire. Thank goodness for L.L. Bean flannel-lined jeans.

Anonymous said...

You are SO Christmassy! The tree going up and shopping at L.L. Bean - that IS Christmas.

Speaking of L.L. Bean, my friend Scott sent me a red flannel plaid shirt from the Bean for Christmas. I received it yesterday in the mail, and because I had no idea what it was or that it was a Christmas gift, I opened it.

I'm wearing the shirt now.

Is that bad?

It IS the FIFTEEN days of Christmas, isn't it? Or is it just 12?

Rick said...

Corey - how were you to know...go for more!

Rick said...

@CJ/Rick - I think I saw a tree on your must've gotten around to it.

@Will - they must be warm...maybe I'll get me a pair.


Oh my.. does L.L Bean now stand for "Long Lengthy Bean" ...I'd certainly purchase from that catalog! :)

Nancy said...

I loved your short post!! Your posts are an inspiration to me-- they drive me to post regularly.


This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News