Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowing and What Not

Just when I thought we'd be able to escape the year without any snow, I was wrong. According to the forecast we weren't supposed to get any snow yesterday but around 1 p.m. it started flurrying and by nightfall there was a good two inches on the ground. It's supposed to snow on and off today and tomorrow as well.

While I loved my front porch when we had it painted this past spring, with a layer of snow it's as slippery as walking on glass. It's terrible! I'm going to have to do something about it next year. Perhaps have a fine layer of gravel or sand mixed painted on.

Chris' grandmother, 96, passed away yesterday. The arrangements are tomorrow and Thursday. She was old, frail and sick for quite sometime. While any passing is sad, at least she's found peace.

Okay, onto another day off filled with errands, shoveling and what-not.


Peter said...

My condolences to Chris and you.

Be glad she went to the other side before Xmas, otherwise that day has another meaning for years to come.

A Lewis said...

Big hugs to you guys during this difficult week. A holiday week, nonetheless. Thinking of you both.

Jabacue said...

All our best best to Chris, Rick. Wow, 96 is a long time to live.
Hope everything goes smoothly for you both over the next couple of days.

Charles said...

Sorry Chris and Rick, I know what's it's like to lose a grandma. Not fun! Hope all goes well for the two of you.

Lemuel said...

My condolences to Chris and to you. May Chris find consolation in good memories of his grandmother.

Rick said...

Thank you all for writing such kind words of support.