Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Day

Well, we suffered through another blizzard - this time a real one.

It started late Tuesday night and didn't end till late Wednesday night. Wednesday was a lost day - no work, no leaving the house except to go outside several times to shovel.

"Please Daddy!  Please...I need to pee!"

Off we went into the great white yonder. Trudging, freezing and pelted with ice.

You could barely see out the windows

Despite all his yelling and screaming to head out, once he was there he wasn't too happy.

"@#%* this!  I'm heading back in."

We got nearly two feet of snow. It was the heavy wet kind that makes moving difficult. We wouldn't have been able to get out of the house if we had to. In fact, even the following day it took me five tries to get the car up the hill.

Entrance to the backyard and porch

The streets are still a mess.  Since the snow was so wet it has hardened like blocks of cement.  The other day I actually slide into an snow bank and dinged my bumper. The end of my street has a pile of snow at least 8 feet high that will probably be there till June.
The house in all its winter glory

Here I am, during the height of the storm, with my favorite winter man toy - the snow blower. While I'm glad I have it, I think I need to invest in a more powerful one. It took me over two hours to clear the driveway, and that was only the first time. It took five more times out to get it clear.

Me clearing the driveway

The following night, after the chaos had begun to wind down, I was out clearing the driveway, with the shovel, for one last time. A guy came walking by with his dog. He stopped and then proceeded to ask me if my driveway was heated.  It was then that I realized I might be a little obsessive with the snow clearing.


tornwordo said...

I'm really enjoying watching the snow descend on everyone else this year. It's much prettier when it's not in my backyard, lol.

Lemuel said...

We dodged the bullet again. We had about 4 inches and it was fairly light. Our problem since the storm has been the drifting. I read about the dumping you folks got! Now we see the evidence.
I understand Bandits predicament. Our princess is the same way. Once she outside, she's not so sure she wants to finish the project.
We have a small snow blower, but our driveway is not as extensive as yours. It does the job. I realized last week that I've had that little gem since 1995. It's been well worth the investment.

Peter said...

So Little Red Ridinghood lives at your place! Maybe a heated pathway isn't such a bad idea [only when it snows].

BosGuy said...

Too funny about the neighbor's comment regarding your driveway.

I grew up in southern NH and even though I loved snow days as a kid, I loathed shoveling out the mailbox, part of the driveway (for the plow) and the countless steps from the driveway to our front door.

I now live in the city on the 4th floor. My shoveling days (we did not have a snow plow) are thankfully behind me.

Very pretty house picture BTW.

Ron said...

Say it isn't so! We had some snow down here on the eastern coast of Delaware. The ground is still covered because the temperature hasn't risen above 30 degrees but the roads are clear. This morning I was talking to a friend of mine who "got out of Dodge" two days ago and is now in Sarasota, Florida. He gleefully informed me that the temperature was 70 degrees and he was getting ready to go into the pool. He loves to rub it in.

Spring is coming. Hang in there!

Ur-spo said...

I think the pictures of the snow are both beautiful and awesome. it seems so improbable - it is clear sky and warm today, we have the windows open as it is 70°! I miss the snow/ the snug feeling of January.
I feel sorry for the pooch! no fun in this!

Jim said...

Rick, you got way more than we did and 'you' sent it up our way! lol
Great pics and yes you did one great job on that driveway.

wcs said...

That guy's just jealous. As is everyone who has to clear a driveway! I don't need a snow blower where I live, so my favorite man toy is my chainsaw. Vroom vroom!

Rick said...

@Torn - you're lucky but just wait, your turn will come!

@Lemuel - (see above) + snow blowers a must here in New England.

@Peter - I'm not crazy over that outfit but Chris insists.

@BosGuy - thanks for compliments!

@Ron - they always do tend to rub it in don't they?

@Spo - I try to make the best of it; you're right there is a sens of comfort in it sometimes.

@Jim - I think we got the most from this one. Thanks for the compliments.

@WCS - you're lucky you don't need one.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Love picture 3!

RG said...

Yep, another snow storm. Only this time I was taking a bus in the middle of it to go to work, only to find I arrived just in time to see my voicemail light on my phone light up, with the accompanying message telling the firm the office was closed for the day. Aaaaah - the joys of being the first person in the office. LOL

Still, taking the day off, NOT shoveling, drinking beer and watching netflix all day was a nice time too.

Rick said...

@Stephen - thanks...glad you liked!

@RG - I'm surprised the bus was able to get you there.

CJ/Rick said...

It is so beautiful from a distance. Poor Bandit could disappear in that.

the cajun said...

We missed the "big one" last week, but got sleet, ice, and freezing rain and just before it moved on, dropped about an inch, just to remind us of what might have been.

Prefer the snow over ice any day.