Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stuff That Shall Not Be Named

In this post I won't talk about $@#%*%! sn@w.  It's New England; we can deal. Other than the weather, which is all anyone can seem to talk about, life has been chugging along just fine.

Work finds me with more to do than can fit into a day but I manage. We had a delay on Thursday (because of that which shall not be named). I got in around noon (after shoveling that which shall not be named) and stayed late. (Speaking of which we're expecting, mid-week, another doosey of that which shall not be named; I think, at this point, my company might be opting for make-up days like when we were back in school.)

Yesterday transpired to be a wonderful day - truly. After spending the day doing our typical Saturday errands (which we, queerly, love to do like pick up the dry cleaning and chit-chat with the owners, traipse through the grocery aisles with coupon book in hand scouting for bargains, gather requisite supplies at the local warehouse store) and spending half the morning on my BlackBerry dealing with issues from work, we went out for dinner at this lovely new place in New Hampshire. It was a birthday celebration and the birthday guests (there were two) wanted to try this restaurant. Let me tell you, it breathed fabulous-ness! How made pasta to die for. The food offered quite a palatable Northern Italian flare, if you like that style. The decor and atmosphere held splendid little offerings such as a seat by the fireplace, beautiful lighting, tumble-marbled stonework as well as great service. I'll definitely go back.

Oh, before I forget, yesterday, while out taking our life into our hands, dodging traffic and attempting to drag Bandit through the streets prevailed in a blockade of that which shall not be named, I saw this written on a bank of some white stuff. The bank actually sits on my property line, not sure who wrote it, apparently someone frustrated with that state of the situation yet it was not Chris or me. I'm not sure you can see it well. You may have to double-click to make the picture larger.

The Words "Melt Me!" Inscribed Upon a Bank of
That Which Shall Not Be Named

Also note the lovely shade of grayish-brown nearest the road. Imagine if you would 90% of North Shore taking on this wonderful hue - so appealing. Also, check out the tire tracks also a common theme around here. Apparently people driving want to get as close as possible to the alluring, ice-crusted banks - very attractive - another common occurrence throughout the area.

Well I must get ready for my workout, digging out our dead end.  Despite all my grumblings at least I'm getting some good exercise:  Whisking upwards of 40 pounds a shovel of that which shall not be named affords one bigger biceps.  Once (or should I say "if") the ice age retreats perhaps I'll get a chance to show them off.


Peter said...

"The Stuff That Shall Not Be Named" must be that fucking white shit or Voldemort!

Hope the temps go up soon so it all melts and goes down the drain.

Lemuel said...

One bright spot: it appears that the message was not written in yellow ink. ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

Whenever I want to complain about our snow in Pennsylvania, I think of all of you in the super snowy states...and I stop complaining : )
Laughing my head off about the 'melt me' in the snow! Funny!

Jim said...

Hey Rick, looks like you guys are sending us that said stuff that shall not be named mid week! Thanks.
Oh the new restaurant looks great.
actually that 'stuff' bank looks somewhat familiar.
Good post.

tornwordo said...

I see you in the next swath on Groundhog day. Please let it stay South of us!

wcs said...

Hang in there! It's funny how the STSNBN is so pretty in December and so horrid in Jan, Feb, Mar, and (no, please, no) Apr.

And good on you for digging out the hydrant. I hope you never need it.

Rick said...

@Peter - Hoping your hoping gets us somewhere.

@Lemuel - then I would've blamed Bandit

@Kaishon - glad I gave you a chuckle

@Jim - glad I could be of help : )

@Torn - it's you Canadian's fault

@wcs - April! Don't even think

Will said...

You two are admirably adventurous in your restaurant crawls -- you wound up about 25 minutes from us here in Raymond where TSTSNBN is an extra delight on the drive leading to us on our hillside. We're always looking for a good new place to celebrate our anniversary and Tuscan Kitchen looks like a very good candidate. Thanks for the strong review!

A Lewis said...

Snow? What is this snow that you speak of?

sophie...^5 said...

It's already started in N.S....see what you started! ;-)

Jason, as himself said...

I would be much more graphic if it were me. You're a saint. Saint Rick. Yep.

Rick said...

@Will - give it a try and let me know what you think.

@Arnie - great, thanks, you jinxed us! : )

@Sophie - it's about time you got your fair share.

@Jason - you're welcome to all you want!

Charles said...

I don't think I'll complain too much, but I've been out of work for two days because of that which shall not be named. It's pay that I won't see till the end of the year.

Rick said...

@Charles - nice little respite I guess